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Sony Xperia 1 Review UK Score 75%

Sony Xperia 1 Review UK

The Sony Xperia 1 has a rather interesting design, it is tall and slim which makes it great for viewing Netflix content on. As well as this the phone has a new and improved triple camera set up, with some impressive performance specs too. However we do feel like they have missed a trick when it comes to battery life, as the phone does not support wireless charging like some of its competition.

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Honor 20 Pro Review UK Score 80%

Honor 20 Pro Review UK

The Honor 20 Pro smartphone is a mid-range device that offers many features of what you would find in a flagship phone. Especially when looking at its impressive quad-camera setup, the Honor 20 Pro brings so much to the table in terms of value for money, with a well built design, strong battery and incredible performance specs too.

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Google Pixel 3a Review UK Score 65%

Google Pixel 3a Review UK

The Google Pixel 3a is a fantastic mid-range device for those that don’t want to break the bank on a smartphone, but also demand a strong camera. Aswell as this the Pixel 3a offers a fantastic battery and well built design, however Google has had to compromise on the specs, but is it worth the sacrifice? You decide.

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Samsung Galaxy A80 Review UK Score 75%

Samsung Galaxy A80 Review UK

The Samsung Galaxy A80 has an interesting design, as it has a motorised pop up selfie camera that is eye catching to say the least. This does come at a cost though and compromises the structure of the phone, making it not waterproof. Alongside this interesting feature is has impressive specs, a great camera and good battery life too.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 Review UK Score 60%

Samsung Galaxy A50 Review UK

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a 2019 mid-range smartphone that brings a lot to the table. With a stunning AMOLED display that can keep you immersed for hours, and a triple camera set up that shoots well in low light situations too. This phone has something for everyone, and when you look at the price tag its easy to see why this is an excellent seller here in the UK.

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Samsung Galaxy A40 Review UK Score 50%

Samsung Galaxy A40 Review UK

The Samsung Galaxy A40 is a great alternative to some of the more expensive Samsung phones, this is because it is cheap with high specs too. Aswell as this the A40 has an impressive AMOLED display with a great selfie camera too! The A40 runs the latest version of Android with One UI too, making it easy to use and packed full of features.

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Samsung Galaxy A70 Review UK Score 65%

Samsung Galaxy A70 Review UK

The Samsung Galaxy A70 is a 2019 smartphone that brings flagships specs and features to a mid range device. Not only does this phone look great, but it packs a huge battery that can keep you juiced up for multiple days, strong performance specs with plenty of storage aswell as a triple camera set up too.

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Moto E5 Play Review UK Score 35%

Moto E5 Play Review UK

The Moto E5 Play offers users an affordable mobile phone that can cover the basics, a fingerprint sensor, camera and a battery that is removable too. This phone certainly wont blow you away with crazy performance specs, however it is more than capable of your standard phone calls, texts and browsing the web.

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