Overview & Price

In this Amazon Echo Show 5 review we go over everything you need to know about this nifty device, as well as showcasing where to buy the Amazon Echo Show 5.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 sound quality is strong too, as it is a smart speaker just like the Amazon Echo but with a twist, it also has a display built in too.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 release date was back in May of 2019 following on from the release of the 1st and 2nd generation of Echo Shows that were around in 2017 & 2018.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 to buy is currently priced at £79.99 here in the UK, making it a rather cheap smart speaker.

So what do you get for this price?

Well here is some of what’s on offer;

  • 5.5-inch display
  • Amazon Alex built in
  • 720p webcam

As you can see this device does come well equipped to help you deal with every day tasks, we love the 720p webcam too as it works surprisingly well on video calls.

Lets take a closer look at the Amazon Echo Show 5..

Design & Display

So what do you get in the box? Well you get the device itself which looks great but more on that shortly.

There is also a guide on how to get started with the device, alongside a thing to try flyer, which gives you all of the latest things to play around with on your device.

There is a charger in the box too, now unfortunately this device isn’t one where you can fill it up with juice then leave it completely unplugged.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 does need to maintain plugged into a socket for it to work, this didn’t bother us too much as the wires can be easily hidden, we used ours in the kitchen next to our other appliances so it blended right in.

When looking at the Amazon Echo Show 5 design we were delighted with how it looks, there are physical controls at the top of the device.

There is a volume up and down button, alongside a mute switch and microphone mute button, ensuring that nobody can listen in when you are not using your device.

Amazon is huge on privacy at the minute which is why they have included this microphone mute button, they have also included a camera shutter too.

Amazon Echo Show 5 design

Image: Trusted Reviews

Meaning it is impossible for anyone to be spying on you if you are a bit of a conspiracy theorist or simply value your privacy.

Down at the base of the device is a rubber pad that is stuck to the device, this ensures that then the Echo Show 5 is sat flat on a surface it will not slip and slide.

The pad is surprisingly sticky too, as we did knock ours a couple of times but the pad did well to latch on to our kitchen top ensuring it didn’t go sliding off into the dog bowl.

Around the back you have the power port, 3.5mm audio jack and a micro USB jack too.

The main thing that differentiates the Amazon Echo Show 5 from the Amazon Echo is that it has a 5.5-inch display.

Now granted 5.5 inches isn’t a great deal of display, but it is about the size of most smartphones.

This means that the device allows you to use touch to navigate around the device, enabling you to watch YouTube videos, Skype and much more.

We love the display aspect, as it is great for watching cooking tutorials when using it in the kitchen, it helped us cook up a storm by not only listening but watching the guide too.

There is pretty big bezel around the edge of the display, unlike most 2019 smartphone which are trying to dodge this altogether.

This bezel allows you to place your finger or thumb on the device to navigate around without smudging the display, so although it doesn’t look quite as good as the top end smartphone of 2019, it does come in useful.

With a resolution of 960 x 480 the Amazon Echo Show 5 display really does compare to a smartphone display.

One thing we did notice is that because of the size of the display, it can be hard to navigate.

It isn’t helped by the fact that the internet browser is hard to open up due to the small display.


So what is the Amazon Echo Show 5 performance like? Well getting the device set up is a piece of cake.

Simply plug the device in, turn it on and your good to go. When setting the device up it will ask you for the country, then ask to log into your Wi-Fi network.

Once this has been connected then simply log in to your Amazon account then you are good to go, we love that the Amazon Echo Show 5 asks you where you are going to keep your device.

Giving you options of Bedroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Study and many more.

You can also give your Amazon Echo Show 5 a name, which might sound a little bizarre but it works great if you have more than one in your household.

Now once this is set up you are good to go, simply swiping from the right will reveal the applications, which include communicate, smart home, music, video and more.

One thing we love about smart technology in general is that they are excellent when paired together, and the Amazon Echo Show 5 is no exception.

Amazon Echo Show 5 performance

Image: Trusted Reviews

Controlling smart tech from your device is extremely easy, if you have the appropriate gadgets for this then you can turn up the heating, manage the lights and even check who is at your front door all from this small 5.5-inch display.

Streaming music through Alexa is easy too, as it integrates with Apple Music and Spotify seamlessly.

Just like other Amazon devices voice control is easy too, simply say “Alexa” to trigger the assistant.

Followed by any command, “what is the weather like today?” or “What is the traffic like in town today?” are some of our favorites.

Tapping the communicate section from the dashboard will give you the call features, which allow you to communicate with other devices you may have around the house, it also gives you a list of your contact too.

However there is no search bar, and as the contacts are listed in alphabetic order then you will need to scroll through to find the person you are looking to call.

On the upside though thanks to the recent update you can now make completely free phone calls to mobiles and landlines directly from your Amazon Echo Show 5.

Throughout this Amazon Echo Show 5 review we found the free calls feature to be most useful, as when connected to Wi-Fi it doesnt cost a penny.

Diving into the settings lets you change multiple different settings, one of which being the wake word, this can be changed from “Alex” to “Computer” or “Amazon” and more.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 even supports tap gestures; meaning if you have an alarm going off you can simply tap the top of the device that will snooze the alarm, pretty cool.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 also has full streaming capabilities too; simply saying “Alexa show me the IT 2 trailer” will bring up the trailer.

This is great added bonus to the smart speaker thanks to its display, however we wouldn’t recommend watching full movies on this device as its by no means an OLED panel.

Sound Quality

So what is the Amazon Echo Show 5 sound quality like?

Well its by no means a Google Home or Amazon Echo, but as fair as sound quality goes on this device its pretty impressive.

The rear facing speakers have an output of 1.65 x 4W, which isn’t going to blow your socks off but it is more than capable of providing you with some music whilst cooking in the kitchen.

We found we would use the Amazon Echo Show 5 mostly for listening to the radio, and watching reviews on YouTube.

We definitely would not recommend using this device as a dedicated speaker, as the Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo would be much more effective.

Amazon Echo Show 5 sound quality

Image: Trusted Reviews

If you are looking for something that is average, with decent sound quality then this could be a great purchase for £79.

You can even alter the levels of treble, bass and mids by using the Alexa app, but to be honest this feels like wasted time, as we didn’t really notice the difference.

Although because of how small the device is, if you turn the bass up to loud we found the device would shake and the sound quality would distort, especially at high volumes.

Overall the Amazon Echo Show 5 sound quality is as we expected for a smart speaker at this price, it sounds good a mid level volumes but when cranking up to the higher end the sound does come slightly distorted.

Those looking for a dedicated speaker would find better value for money in some of Amazons bigger smart speakers.


So what do we think of the Amazon Echo Show 5?

Well when looking at how much the Amazon Echo Show 5 is to buy, its price tag of £79 is not much for a smart speaker, we feel it is a great accessory for your home and can make life so much easier thanks to its smart technology.

Using the device is super easy, with it taking a matter of minutes to set up and get going, we also love how convenient it is to make purchases from Amazon thanks to this being an Amazon device.

So saying this like “Alexa, order me some toilet paper” is great as it will immediately order you them from your most likely or previous purchases.

The device is packed full of useful features just like most smart tech nowadays, with the capabilities to keep you up to date on current trends, as well as football scores and traffic.

The speaker side of things isn’t going to blow you away, but when taking into account the size of this thing it is rather impressive.

However we wouldn’t recommend this for a dedicated speaker, and would instead recommend the Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot.

We hope you have enjoyed our Amazon Echo Show 5 review as much as we have enjoyed writing it.

Feel free to check out the best place to buy the Amazon Echo Show 5 at the top of this post.