What You Need to Know About the Apple AirPods 3rd Generation

Apple Airpods 3rd Generation

What we Know

The Apple AirPods might be one of the newest accessories from Apple but they are hugely popular and as expected, Apple is making fast progress when it comes to updating them and making them even better. 

The new AirPods come with a more streamlined and contoured design and they also have new drivers and adaptive EQ. Furthermore, the battery life has been improved and users can also take advantage of spatial audio, which provides a 3D sound experience. 

Still, what might disappoint people is a lack of noise cancellation and this is a feature that is only available on the AirPods Pro Model as this latest model doesn’t come with the rubber tips that help to create the perfect fit inside the ears. More people claim that they actually prefer the fit of the solid designed AirPods instead of those that have the rubber tips, so this could actually work for Apple. 

If you are in the market for a new pair of earbuds then you cannot go wrong with this latest release from Apple, so they are a serious consideration. So, with that in mind, what three features do you need to know about?

New Compact Design

Apple has completely redesigned the Air Pods so that they provide a snug fit in the ear. They no longer have long stems and that gives the impression of a more compact look. Furthermore, they have been designed to be both water and sweat resistant which makes them ideal for those who like to exercise with them in.

Enhanced Audio Features

As this latest model uses the H1 chip as well as a new acoustic system, it means that they now provide spatial audio that also comes with dynamic head tracking and Dolby Atmos compatibility. These features were only found on the AirPods Pro and Airpods Max models but now it enables more people to experience enhanced sound. Additionally, they offer Adaptive EQ that is taken from the AirPods Pro which means that the frequencies are adjusted to suit your ears. 

Improved Battery Life

When people use their AirPods, they want them to last as long as possible. Fortunately, Apple has improved the battery life of the 3rd Generation AirPods, offering an extra hour of use when compared with the previous model. This means that users can benefit from six hours of listening time or up to 30 hours from the charging case.

It is also possible to use wireless MagSafe charging to charge the AirPods and just a five-minute charge can give users an extra hour of listening. So, the AirPods have been improved, giving users even more features for their money.

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