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Apple Airpods Review: Overview & Price

The Airpods release date was back in August 2018, and it’s fair to say that they have taken the headphone market by storm.

In this Apple Airpods review we go over what makes these headphones special and give you all of the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Apple is fantastic when it comes to designing aesthetic products; people were sceptical upon the release and were even comparing them to dental floss cases.

The Airpods are currently priced at around £160 in the UK.

If you’re an iPhone user especially these then headphones are a great accessory and allow for effortless, instant access to your music.

Now that most iPhones do not have a 3.5mm headphone jack it becomes more and more forced upon us to invest into a set of wireless headphones.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as the sound quality of Apple’s Airpods are second to none and are a great accessory to your gym bag!

But are these Airpods still relevant with the release of the Airpods 2019?

Let’s take a closer look…

Apple Airpods Review: Design

When it comes to the design of the Airpods there is no denying that they look rather basic, a plain white case which houses two small earbuds.

If you have had an iPhone in the past then you will be very familiar with the look, as they look almost identical to the earphones you receive with any Apple iPhone, minus the wires.

Apple has stuck with the design of their standard headphones, as they already look aesthetically pleasing.

However you will notice that the stem of the Airpods is slightly thicker than those of the Earpods, this is due to the stem housing the microphone and battery.

So before the release of the Airpods, we were sceptical as to whether or not we would lose them due to them falling out of our ears or simply dropping them and not realising as there are no wires attached.

But on the Airpods release date, we quickly learned that this is not the case, they fit in your ear perfectly and there is a very slim chance of them falling out even when running and jumping.

apple airpods review

Image: Timothy Buck

I myself have personally owned the Airpods since there release back in August and have never had any issues with losing one of them falling out, they actually feel extremely secure when in your ear and have a one size fits all design.

Using the airpods is extremely convenient as they pop in your ear then will instantly connect to your phone via Bluetooth, taking a matter of seconds to go from housed in the case to playing music in your ear.

Typically leaving them in the car so that I always have them with me when I arrive at work or the gym, I have even returned home from the gym to pick them up as I rely on them so much!

On the case you will notice a small light, which will either be amber, meaning that the case is charging the airpods, or green, which means they are fully charged and ready to be used.

Apple Airpods Review: Performance

So what do they perform like?

Well, they are great and the days of crackling, low-quality headphones are over.

Throughout this Apple Airpods review, we were shocked at how well these headphones perform, sound quality is great and they fit in your ear very well.

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Whether you’re listening to Drum & Bass to get you pumped up before a workout or listening to Smooth Jazz to help dose you off to sleep these headphones perform exceptionally well.

Considering that these headphones are wireless, they perform great and sound quality is insane with good bass t00.

Open the case next to an IOS device and you will see the remaining amount of charge left on the headphones if your running low simply tops it up with a lightning cable, the same as you would use for any iPhone.

The buds are also extremely smart and will perform different actions depending on how you have them set up.

airpods review

Image: Barrett Ward

For example, tapping the left Airpod twice will activate Siri and taking one pod out will pause the music, then when you place it back in your ear will start it up again.

In the stem of the pod is the microphone, which is surprisingly good, and works really well; ideal for hands-free when driving they deliver a very clear voice when listening on the other end.

So although the Airpods are extremely convenient and are wireless, they are not actually designed for a true high-fi experience and if you are looking for optimal overall sound quality, then your money could be better spent elsewhere.

Overall in terms of performance they are strong, but the main aspect of these headphones is the pure convenience of them, simply popping them out the case and plugging them in your ear then your music starts instantly in a matter of seconds.

They really are superb for running in the gym, walking the dog or just chilling out listening to some relaxing beats.

Apple Airpods Review: Battery Life

The battery life on the Airpods is superb, you can expect around 5 hours of listening from a single charge.

On the Airpods release date, one of the first things we noticed is how good the battery life is, we loved the fact that it charged super quick and they can last for hours.

When the case is fully charged too this should keep the buds charged around 5 times, giving you plenty of hours listening time from the Airpods.

One of the main advantages of this case is that they are super speedy when it comes to charging the buds, and 15 minutes enclosed in the case will give you an extra 3 hours of battery life!

In short, the battery life is fantastic and you will not have any issues with the charging speed, or durability of the airpods.

Apple Airpods Review: Summary

Overall we absolutely love these headphones, they are an essential part of my gym bag and mean I can go from no sound to my favourite music in less than 5 seconds.

Convenience is key here and these are undoubtedly the king of it, no wires mean there is no tangling to deal with and less flustering when simply wanting to enjoy some music.

The pairing process is super easy and only takes a minute and the gestures are awesome as you can set certain taps on the pods to change tracks.

That being said if you’re looking for the best value for money strictly in terms of the sound quality you might want to opt for a pair of wired headphones.

It is easy to recommend the Airpods to anyone using an iPhone XS, or any iPhone for that matter as they are ideal for music lovers.

There are definitely cheaper headphones out there and we would of liked to see a volume rocker on the actual pods themselves rather than having to manually adjust the sound through your phone.

We hope you have enjoyed our Apple Airpods review, and feel free to leave a comment and check out our Apple Airpods 2019 review.

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