What Can we expect from the New Apple Glasses?

Apple glasses

For many months, rumours (Included by us!) have been circulating about the eagerly anticipated Apple Glasses. While a 2022 launch was always rumoured, it now looks as though the technology of the future is likely to be launched in 2022 after all. Following a Twitter Leak, fans were able to get a glimpse at some of the spec details regarding how the AR displays from Apple will be manufactured.

@MattTalksTech also has an excellent video on the subject

Partnership with Sony

So, the good news is that this wearable device that can be used with a range of tech applications is going to have some solid specs. Apple plans to use Sony MicroOLEDs with 0.5”, 1280×960 resolution and 1H’22 intro.

The Sony MicroOLEDS is part of Sony’s OLED microdisplay technology which have been purposely built for these types of technology applications. They boast an impressive 100,000:1 contrast ratio and a response speed of 0.01ms as well as a wide colour gamut. Furthermore, the 0.5 inch display will have more than 3,000 pixels per inch. Along with this, as the average lens size is around two inches wide, it suggests that the microdisplays are likely to be embedded inside bigger lenses.  This could cause the AR HUD field of view to become limited although the OLED part of the lens could project across the whole surface of the lens.

It was touted that these displays would be used for AR/VR glasses although it then became clear that Apple only has plans to use them in their AR-only glasses. This falls in line with the many rumours that suggest AR glasses would be launched in 2022 with a VR alternative being launched in 2023.

Other Potential Leaks

Some of the features that Apple Glasses could offer have also been provided following recent Apple patent filings, giving further insight into what they could offer.  A patent submitted by Apple indicates that keyboard operation with a head mounted device could be possible. This could mean that their AR glasses could project a virtual keyboard onto a flat surface or a touch sensitive surface.

Other Excellent Features

The glasses would then register any keystrokes that would then feed into other technology applications. There was more as the patent also looked making your hands invisible as you type. This enables users to see the keys while they could even provide suggested text that is viewed in the air. Furthermore, another patent was found whereby Apple Glasses would monitor head movements and facial expressions. This data would then make a device connection with your iPhone to share this data.

Last But Not Lease

Finally, another patent filed in recent days suggests that glasses wearers will be able to hold two consumer products within view of the glasses. The glasses will then have the scope to search for any information on the products before providing information that enables users to compare one against the other.

So, it seems as though the rumours are becoming more and more realistic and it looks as though 2022 could be the year that we see Apple Glasses for the first time.

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