Apple iOS15 Could Be Causing Certain Problems


Update Causing Issues

Most Apple users eagerly await the next software update as it often brings with it a wealth of new features and bug fixes. The latest release is iOS15 and the incremental software update, known as iOS 15.0.1 fixes specific problems such as those linked to unlocking the iPhone with an Apple watch among other things. While this issue has been rectified with the update, it does seem as though it brings with it a range of other problems on their devices.

Users are slowly coming forward and reporting that following the installation of iOS 15.0.1 update, their phones are generating a lot of heat and are not becoming hotter than they did previously with general use. As a result, many users are now experiencing problems such as rapid battery drain which is causing significant problems with the overall battery performance of these devices.

Community Not Happy

The Apple community is starting to become very vocal over these issues and according to some users, the Apple iPhone SE 2020 is actually heating up, even when the device is not being used. This is still occurring even when all apps are cleared and the device is restarted several times, proving that the issue does not resolve itself.

Other users are also coming forward with problems on other devices such as the Apple iPhone 13 Pro which is also experiencing unexplained battery drain. In fact, it seems as though the issue is so bad that many users are experiencing a battery life that is half of what Apple claims it to be.

It is also worth noting that some users were also forced into installing iOS15.0.1 by Apple when they were setting up their device and this is also causing these issues. Additionally, there have been other problems experienced such as touch problems after the installation of this incremental update.

Is There a Solution?

While there is no known immediate solution that has been released or announced by Apple, it could be worth attempting to carry out a backup and then reset your iPhone once. However, if this does not solve the problems then it is going to be a case of waiting until Apple decides to release the next version of iOS15 which is rumoured to be iOS 15.1 and that is when these problems are likely to be solved.

Should you have an iPhone that has an older version of iOS15 or iOS 14 running on it, then it could be worth waiting for a few more weeks until Apple gets around to releasing the updates required to solve these problems. So, as more and more people are now coming forward with these problems, it is highly likely that Apple will respond to them by pushing through a fix that should solve the problems very soon.

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