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apple pencil review

Apple Pencil Review: Overview & Price

The Apple Pencil is an iPad Pro accessory only and is used as a stylus to navigate or create some fantastic art pieced on the iPad.

In this Apple Pencil review, we give you all of the information you need to make a decision on whether this is a device that can enhance your tablet.

Released alongside the Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro back in 2015 the pencil offers incredible accuracy, easy pairing and is pressure sensitive to give you the most natural-looking illustrations.

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The Apple Pencil Price is £85 in the UK, the Pencil great for professionals in the graphic design industry or simply someone looking to create art on their iPad pro.

Apple Pencil Review: Design

So when unboxing the pencil you will find it comes in a box just like the Apple Watch, it comes with a replaceable nib and a lightning cable adapter meaning you can charge it with a standard lightning cable.

The pencil is made from glossy white plastic and is extremely lightweight; weighing in at only 0.64 ounces the pencil feels comfortable to hold in your hand.

With a length of 6.875 inches, the pencil is almost the same size as a regular pencil, however, it is circular in shape, so will easily roll off your workstation if you are not careful.

apple pencil review

Image: DoseMedia

At the top of the pencil you will find the apple branding and a cap that hides the lightning connector, when the cap is removed you will notice that the connector is slightly longer than usual to make room for a case that you may have on your iPad.

The cap is held on magnetically but we managed to lose it multiple times after removing it so you might want to store it in a safe place as soon as you remove it.

There are no battery life indicators on the pencil itself and will only be able to check the charge on the information page of your iPad, we would of loved to see even a light like on the Airpods to get an indication of the level of charge.

Apple Pencil Review: Performance

When it comes to performance, the pencil is great and pretty much every creative app is already compatible with the pencil.

The notes app is already compatible with the pencil and allows you to handwrite notes into your iPad.

The app also has some pretty cool features included such as different colours to write with or different options for the pencil, such as pen, board marker and ruler.

Writing on the notes app with the pencil is great as the iPad offers ‘Palm-rejection’ meaning that you can rest your hand on the iPads display when writing and will get no interference on rogue pencil marks on the display.

apple pencil review

Image: Suganth

So under the nib, there are a bunch of very small sensors which actually create friction when writing on your iPad, giving you a very realistic feel when handwriting on the iPad.

The pencil is also pressure sensitive and tilt sensitive meaning it will detect how much pressure you are applying to give you a thicker or thinner stroke.

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The pencil is ideal for artists out there, and one of the best apps for using the pencil is called ‘Pro Create’.

Taking into account the Apple Pencil price, we really do feel like this accessory is of great value for money, and we can see why so many people invest them for their tablet.

That being said the Apple Pencil is by no means cheap, so if you don’t have a spare £85 laying around then this might no be a great accessory for you.

This app is around £4 in the app store and allows you to not only have options such as pen & pencil, but brushes and can even create oil paintings and allow artists to really make use of the Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil Review: Battery Life

The Apple Pencil is extremely easy to charge as it has a lightning connector built into it, this means you can either plug it into the bottom of your iPad for charge or simply connect it to a lightning cable.

You will notice that it charges incredibly fast thanks to its quick charging ability.

Throughout this Apple Pencil review, we found that the battery life was one of our favourite aspects, it would last for so long and charge extremely quick too.

When fully charged the pencil will last you for at least 12 hours, or if you want a short burst of charge you will be able to get hours use from around 1 minute of charge.

Apple Pencil Review

Image: Howard Lawrence B

One downside to the charging port is that when it is plugged into your iPad it looks ridiculous, and is extremely unpracticed as there is a 6-inch pencil sticking out of the bottom of your iPad.

Charging the pencil whilst using the iPad is not really possible because of this and we found that almost every time we charged the pencil we would plug it into our lightning cable as that way we could still make use of the iPad.

Apple Pencil Review: Summary

The Apple Pencil is super fun to play around with, but realistically if you are not an artist or designer then we don’t think you would have much use for the pencil.

The Apple Pencil price is by no means cheap, but it does help create excellent artwork and is incredibly accurate when note-taking or drawing.

Coupe the Apple Pencil with the Apple Smart Keyboard and you are halfway there to replicating a laptop, exactly what Apple wants you to do.

One thing to bear in mind is that we have found that sometimes it would cause a slight scratch on the actual display of the iPad, this is probably due to dirt being trapped between the nib and the actual display so we would advise to always keep your display squeaky clean.

The pencil is a no brainer for artists but other than that we don’t really think it’s beneficial for a regular user, as it’s expensive and can only really be used to take notes otherwise.

We hope you have enjoyed our Apple Pencil review, and feel free to leave us a comment and give us some feedback on this review.

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