New Apple Watch 8 To Play a Role in Fertility Planning?

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Apple Watch Series 8 may have fertility-tracking thermometer

A day doesn’t go by without Apple being in the news for its latest release or development. The company is constantly seeking new ways in which their technology applications can enhance the lives of users.

One product that became an instant hit was the Apple Watch Series and since its launch, it has gone from strength to strength. With each release, some new and quirky features are added, taking it one step ahead from its predecessor. So, with this comes the potential release of the Watch Series 7 in the next few weeks and that has meant that rumours are already doing the rounds.


These rumours mainly point to the features that this future model could have and it seems as though Apple is looking to continue pushing boundaries. The latest report from The Wall Street Journal indicates that Apple is working on introducing a blood pressure monitor feature as well as a thermometer to future generations of their watch and that could happen as soon as next year.

Fertility Benefits

Sources that are unnamed in the report as well as internal Apple documents indicate that the company wants to give users more and they hope to do this by giving users the potential to monitor their blood pressure while the thermometer could also be used to help with fertility planning.

This new fertility feature could be introduced as early as next year, which means that it would more than likely be seen on the Apple Watch Series 8. However, no time frame was provided for the release or introduction of the blood pressure feature. The report cited that the blood pressure feature would give users the ability to track and monitor any trends or changes in the blood pressure.


Currently, the company is carrying out research on sensors that would make it possible to measure the speed of the wave a heartbeat sends through the arteries of individuals. It is worth noting that Apple has made it clear that the watch and feature won’t have the scope to offer a baseline measure of systolic and diastolic blood pressure at this moment in time.

However, in true Apple fashion, they leave a carrot dangling by saying that this could change by the time launch comes around. To add to these two promising features, The Wall Street Journal has also said that Apple is also looking at the potential of improving the sleep tracking features currently on the Apple Watch as well as the Afib monitoring feature. 

As mentioned, the features mentioned above are not expected to be seen on the Apple Watch Series 7. Despite this, there are rumours circulating around the design of the watch. A complete redesign is expected with the watch sporting squarer edges, much like the iPhone 12 models. 

So, Apple clearly still considers their Watch Series to be technology of the future. The watch is clearly a valuable asset, especially as sales are still heading in the right direction and people are actually finding the functionality useful.

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