Are Wireless Earbuds Worth It In 2020?

are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020


So, are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020?

You’ve just bought your brand new phone, got a squeaky clean new phone case and are now thinking of wireless earbuds

Well, you are in the right place! In this post, we go over everything you need to know to decide, are wireless earbuds are worth it in 2020?

A good pair of earbuds will last you years if you look after them, so it is important to decide if you want to take the leap and opt for wireless ones.

There are pros and cons of both wireless and wired earbuds, that’s why in this post we are going to explore wireless earbuds to help you make the right choice.

Wireless earbuds allow you to listen wirelessly, set up is simple and for most wireless earbuds you only need to set them up once.

Earbuds without wires come with a whole host of benefits, one of our favourites being that you don’t need to deal with tangled wires!

Some wireless earbuds come with a detachable cord, which gives you the choice to connect with a wire, giving you the best of both worlds.

Phone providers have done a lot in aiding the sales of wireless earbuds, for example, the removal of the headphone jack from most modern flagship phones.

This is a nudge in the wireless direction for those opting for a new flagship device, as if not, they are often required to purchase a wireless adapter.

So, are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020?

Let’s find out…


One of the biggest differences between wired and wireless earbuds is the price.

This isn’t good news for us as the consumer, as if we do want a nice shiny set of wireless buds then we are going to pay much more than we would for a set that usually comes in the box.

The price of wireless earbuds can vary quite a lot, usually between either £60 – 300 for a decent set.

With the likes of the Apple Airpods and Samsung Galaxy Buds being some of the most popular buds.

When asking yourself are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020?

You have to ask yourself how much you are prepared to spend.

As “worth it” is different for each individual, that being said you may be lucky enough to grab a Black Friday deal where you can grab a pair of wireless earbuds free with a phone.

are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020?
Image: Chris F

Asking yourself, how often are you going to use your earbuds?

Is a great starting point, as if you don’t use your earbuds much then a new wireless pair may not be a great purchase for you.

For me, I use my wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds on a daily basis for the gym; they make life much easier as I do not need to fumble around before the gym when I have just had a double scoop of pre-workout.

I also find myself using my buds regularly when going for a walk, or simply phoning family or friends, as they are not only great for music but great for voice calls too.


Connecting wireless earbuds is incredibly simple, all you need to do is activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone or device you wish to connect to, and then pair your earbuds up to the device.

This usually takes under a minute to set up, then once you are done we find the easiest way to connect is to leave Bluetooth turned on, as that way when you pull out your earbuds they will immediately connect to your mobile.

Bluetooth is a near-field communication technology that allows you to pair two devices over a short distance, usually within 10 meters.

Most modern devices use Bluetooth, which allows you to hook wireless earbuds up to speakers, TV’s and much more.

Pairing up is done by holding down the pair button, which is usually located on the earbuds and having Bluetooth activated on your other device, once connected you’re good to go!

Some wireless headphones also use ‘NFC’ (near-field communication), this is still a type of Bluetooth connection but you no longer need to manually connect the headphones to your device.

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As with NFC, it will connect automatically, this is used for contactless payments too, all you need to do is tap your headphones on to the NFC symbol and the two devices will connect.

You can also connect to your wireless earbuds via Wi-Fi, however, this does have its limits.

Firstly, you can only really connect at home, as both devices need to be connected locally, the good thing is that there is no limit, so you can be listening upstairs whilst your device is in the garden.

We have no idea why anyone would want to do this though as you lose control of changing song, video or podcast.

Connecting through Wi-Fi can also give you a stronger connection, as it allows you to transmit larger sizes of data, which results in better sound quality.

For the most part, your wireless earbuds will use NFC or Bluetooth, which usually provides a stable connection between your earbuds and device.

We have reviewed multiple wireless earbuds and most use Bluetooth, we have had no issues with the connection and find it is stable and reliable.


When asking yourself are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020, you should ask yourself about the comfort level of the earbuds you are interested in.

Most wireless earbuds we have used tend to be comfortable.

I own a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds and Apple Airpods, and both earbuds are comfortable, they fit snug in your ear, which means they won’t fall out.

Using wireless earbuds for the gym is great, even when running at a decent speed the buds still fit perfectly and there is no fear of them falling out and sliding under a treadmill.

If you are worried about the comfort level of the buds then you can look at purchasing a pair of over the ear headphones (Bose QuietComfort 35).

For the most part, this type of headphones have a thick ear cushion which is great for comfort, however they can get dirty if your using for the gym as the sweat can seep in, so they need to be washed regularly.

are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020?
Image: Kārlis Dambrāns

We have found that almost all of the wireless headphones we have used have been extremely comfortable, but we did find the likes of the Huawei Freebuds are not great.

As these are not a bud and rather a stem that goes inside your ear, personally I really don’t like the fit of this earphone, but it depends on the individual using them.

Sound Quality & Noise Cancelling

If you haven’t already noticed, wireless earbuds have surged in popularity, as their sound quality is better than ever.

In the past wireless buds used to be crackly, and low quality.

This has deterred many of us from purchasing a pair, that and they are rather expensive.

However, now in 2019 moving into 2020, most wireless buds sound spectacular.

With the support of Bluetooth 5.0 and the removal of headphone jacks on most flagship smartphones, true wireless buds are becoming a great option.

Not only do they sound great when listening to music, but Skype calls, phone calls, and much more.

Checking to see if the wireless earbuds you are interested in offer noise cancelling.

This is an important feature for those that tend to make a lot of voice calls, as it blocks out the background noise from daily life.

Noises cancelling wireless buds are great as they give you the luxury of having no wires, but also no background noise, ideal for working out in the gym or using for Skype/voice calls.


When trying to decide are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020, one of the best selling points for the buds is their convenience piece.

Having no wires attached makes it super easy to use them at every possible chance, I find myself using my Samsung Galaxy Buds at every opportunity, when walking the dog, going for a Sunday stroll or even just short commutes.

The convenience aspect of wireless buds really does make them worth it, in my opinion, I use my earbuds much more than I ever did with my previous wired pair.

No more untangling wires every time you want to listen to some music, and they take up much less storage space too.

I tend to keep my wireless buds in the car with me, as they take up little to no room in the glove box.

As a whole, the main attraction for me with any wireless buds is how convenient they are.

Until you have owned a pair or even tried a pair for a long enough period it is easy to overlook this key aspect of earbuds.

Battery Life

Checking to make sure that the wireless earbuds you are looking to buy have enough battery life.

For the most part, we have found that almost all of the buds we have reviewed, including the Google Pixel Buds, Apple Airpods, Samsung Galaxy Buds and many more have sufficient battery life.

Our Samsung Galaxy Buds give me up to 13 hours of battery life, which is more than enough for the average user.

are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020?
Image: Zarak Khan

With the case giving you an extra 7 hours of charge, this is great as after you have finished using the buds, placing them back in the case charges them up.

Allowing you to get much more use out of your buds than you would without the charging case.  


So are wireless earbuds worth it in 2020?

Well, this depends on your budget and how often you feel you will use them.

The convenience aspect of having wireless earbuds is fantastic; they take up barely any room in storage and are so easy to use on the go.

They are great for making phone calls on the go and are hardly noticeable when having them in your ear.

Now because the sound quality of wireless earbuds is constantly increasing, it makes them a fantastic buy in 2020 as they really match the quality of wired headphones in some cases.

Overall I definitely feel that wireless earbuds are worth it in 2020, and are a smart investment for anyone looking to up there earphone game in the new year.

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