7 Ace Tips For Getting the Most From Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday

If you are looking to grab yourself a bargain this Black Friday then it can help to plan ahead and shop with real conviction, ensuring you get exactly what you want at prices that work for you.

Always Do Your Research

With so many retailers offering the latest gadgets, it can be too easy to be overwhelmed. Therefore, it can make sense to determine what products you need and to find out which ones fit your budget. Some items will be recommended and others will be low in the ratings, so you definitely don’t want to purchase something that doesn’t work for you.

Understand the Lifespan of Certain Gadgets

Some gadgets are updated and upgraded each year, so it pays to understand the difference between the newest device and the previous device. Often, tech companies will only make subtle changes to their newest device which means that the latest device is more than adequate for your Black Friday Purchase.

Look at the Price History

Just because a company says it has slashed its prices it doesn’t mean you are getting a deal. In fact, it has been found that a high percentage of products have been available for the same prices or less before the Black Friday event begins. So, use online tools such as CamelCamelCamel or PriceRunner to see the history or price. This will enable you to determine whether that good deal is actually a deal.

List Retailers Selling the Product You Want

When the Black Friday Frenzy begins, online retailers can often find that their websites can crash. Therefore, it pays to look around and see what retailers are selling and what prices. When the time comes, if you really need a product and the website has crashed, you can always turn to another supplier to source the product from them instead. 

Is Price Matching Available?

There are some large retailers that will price match and this can help should you find that you are purchasing some items from one retailer but need an item from another retailer that is cheaper. If the one retailer also stocks the product, you can ask them for a discount enabling you to purchase all your items from one place which could help you to save on shipping.

Create Online Accounts in Advance

Creating an online account is not a difficult process but slow websites can make it impossible to create an account. If you don’t have an account, you could miss out on deals but if you have an account that is set up in advance, you can add your payment details and make shopping a lot more streamlined and easier.

Begin Black Friday Shopping Early

A whole host of retailers will now begin their Black Friday sales early. Some might even launch their event a few weeks early. So, if you are actually waiting for Black Friday then you might miss out as those products might have been sold earlier, so consider looking for deals throughout the month and grabbing your bargain early.

Get Protection

Before Shopping online, it is advisable to gain protection on your device, from potential shopping scams, one item we recommend is TotalAV TotalAV is a free Online Antivirus and Security software, which can give the protection needed for all users, to stay safe, and shop online safely this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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