EE to End 3G in 2023 as Lightning fast 5G will Be UK-Wide By 2028

The End of 3G for EE

EE to trial it 5G Spectrum coverage next year.

It only seems like yesterday that 3G was hailed as the latest device connection technology that would transform how we used our Smartphones. It kickstarted a smartphone revolution as manufacturers raced to deliver phones that took advantage of these new speeds, not forgetting the range of apps that became available. However, fast forward several years and it looks as though the end is nigh for our trusty 3G that we all once relied on.

Sure, 4G has been doing its job pretty well too, allowing more people to stream, share data and connect but alone, it wasn’t the final nail in the coffin for 3G because that has come in the form of 5G.

So, with 5G becoming the next-gen connectivity solution, network provider EE has announced their future plans for 5G rollout throughout the UK as they aim to offer coverage of 90% by 2028. Furthermore, the company aims to cover 50% of the UK by 2023.

So, with investment being placed into 5G, it looks as though 3G is going to become a victim as this is going to be retired by 2023. This is long overdue to be fair, given that 4G has been working so well, but the aim is to remove 3G in order to increase 5G capacity. The gap will be filled by the current aim of improving the reach of 4G. Amazingly, only 2% of the data traffic that they handle comes from 3G devices, proving that the technology is as good as redundant.

The changes are not stopping there as EE has stated that it will increase its 4G network by an additional 4,500 square miles by 2025, helping to remove dead spots as part of the Shared Rural Network programme with Vodafone, O2 and three. This will see networks expanded into those areas that were once inaccessible through the sharing of infrastructure. Furthermore, the programme will also give more choice to customers in those areas where they might have only had one accessible operator.

In 2023, the network will launch its new 5G core network and in order to reach its target of population coverage, UK networks will have to mirror what has been seen in the US which is to introduce low-band 5G spectrum in order to increase coverage.

This means that smartphone users in Redditch, Cramlington and Morecambe will be the first to try out this new spectrum coverage. To further enhance device connection for users, also will be looking to integrate fibre, WiFi and mobile networks by the middle of this decade to ensure that the technologies work better together, which in turn will offer customers access to fully integrated bundles.

Furthermore, the network has stated that alternative on-demand, 5G coverage solutions will be implemented for large events, something that has been done for large events in the past. So, all of this means that smartphone users can look forward to a future whereby their devices are going to become faster and better-connected.

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