First Peek at the Awesome Samsung Galaxy S21!

Image of the Galaxy S21

What can we expect from Samsung?

Leaks and teasers of new devices have become part and parcel of the smartphone marketing merry-go-round, to the point where we now more or less know the details of every major release well before the ‘official’ launch.

The manufacturers are more than happy to play the game, too, as evidenced by what looks like an ‘official’ leak from Samsung of several promo videos for the forthcoming Galaxy S21 series.

With the launch of the latest incarnation of Samsung’s flagship premium smartphone expected early in the new year, these teasers are no doubt intended to whet the appetite and build up the excitement ahead of the unveiling. But as well as a tantalising first glimpse at what the S21 handsets will look like, it also gives us an opportunity to speculate about features.

What do the Promos tell us?

So what do we think we can expect from the forthcoming launch? First of all, the promo videos tell us there will be three devices in the series, the Galaxy S21 5G, the Galaxy S21 Plus 5G and the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (yes, these are definitely going to be 5G-ready phones!)

The standard and Plus varieties look to have a near-identical design, although it is hard to tell from the videos by how much they will differ in size. What we can see is that both have a flat display, an ultra-slim bezel and a stylish contrasting frame which forms the mount for a triple array of rear cameras. There is also a front pinhole camera just about visible.

What about design?

There is bound to be a lot of comment about the striking colours of the models featured in the videos – a deep purple case which is apparently dubbed ‘Phantom Violet’, which contrasts beautifully with the bronzed lilac of the frame. All in all, it looks another S-series design that oozes sophistication and quality.

S21 Differences

The Samsung S21 Ultra is a noticeably different beast to the other two. Again, we can’t be certain of comparative size from the video teasers, but what we can see is a curved screen and a souped-up camera array on the rear. Based on information gleaned from previous specification leaks, it seems that this will be a quad lens setup which will include twin telephoto optics (one a periscope), plus a laser auto-focus.

This is drastically different than the S20, which we reviewed not so long ago

Full details will no doubt emerge at the next Samsung Unpacked event, due to take place on or around the 14th January, with commercial roll-out possible later that month.

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