Fossil Sport Watch Review UK

fossil sport watch review uk

Fossil Sport Watch Review: Overview & Price

In this Fossil Sport watch review, we go over everything you need to know about this smartwatch, from specs to design and more.

We also showcase the cheapest Fossil Sport deals here in the UK, ensuring you grab the best price possible when looking to buy the watch.

This gym companion works well to track workouts and can be perfect for those looking to get in shape.

The Fossil Sport release date was back on November 12th of 2018, and to be honest it is a lot less recognised when compared to the Samsung Watch, Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 and the Huawei Watch GT.

Fossil is the company that is behind a lot of the popular watch brands such as Michael Kors, Diesel and Kate Spade.

The Fossil Sport is priced at a rather steep £219, so this certainly won’t be for everyone as there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there.

This mid-range watch focuses on the fitness market, and it is more than equipped to catch their eye with its impressive specs.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Fossil Sport has to offer…

Fossil Sport Watch Review: Design & Display

So the Fossil Sport Watch comes in two different sizes, you have the option of either a 41mm or 43mm, this gives those with smaller wrists an option that won’t dwarf their arm.

The 41mm we managed to get a hold of to conduct this Fossil Sport watch review weighs in at only 38g, this is including the strap too.

The aluminium design and lightweight silicone strap won’t absorb sweat, making it perfect for running and as a fitness companion.

The Fossil Sport design is super clean and looks great on your wrist, it is extremely comfortable too.

We found we didn’t have to chop and change with straps, as the one that came with the watch is great.

That being said if you want to change your strap then you can, as the straps have a quick-release clip that allows you to change as you please.

The Fossil Sport has three physical buttons, one Digital Crown much like the Apple Watch Series 5; this allows you to navigate through your menus and applications.

There are also two other buttons, both can be remapped to provide shortcuts to other applications, but by default, the bottom one will take you to Google Fit workout and the top one is Fossil’s own application.

The buttons are rather stiff to press, but we don’t feel like this is a bad thing, as when you are working out whilst wearing the watch you have no chance of accidentally pressing a button and toggling applications.

Flipping the watch over will reveal the heart rate monitor and it’s also at the rear where the magnetic charger is connected to top up the Fossil Sport Watches battery.

fossil sport watch display
Image: Trusted Reviews

The Fossil Sport watch comes in four colours, you have Red, Green, Blue or Black to choose from with all of them looking as slick and stylish as each other.

The Fossil Sport does have a water resistance rating of 5 ATM, which means you can take the watch in up to 50 meters of water before it compromises.

We love this as it means you don’t need to worry when going for a swim with the watch on, and being as the strap doesn’t absorb water it makes the watch dry quickly and it doesn’t feel clumpy and heavy after a swim.

As a whole the Fossil Sport design is impressive, it looks stylish and can be worn for multiple occasions and with different outfits. 

The Fossil Sport display is either a 1.19-inch or 1.29-inch OLED panel, both have a resolution of 390 x 390.

With the larger of the two watches having a marginally larger pixel density, something that you will barely notice when comparing the two devices side by side.

There are quite thick bezels that run around the sides of the display, however, this is not noticeable when you have a black background, which we found ourselves using more often than not.

With the Fossil Watch display being an OLED is means that the colours and super vivid and punchy whilst blacks are nice and deep.

The Fossil Sport watch display does have ambient light sensors too which will crank up the brightness depending on the ambient light in your surroundings.

So if you are outside on a sunny day, you will find that the brightness ramps up which enables you to see the display without having to place your hand over the watch face.

That being said the brightness levels go nowhere near the levels of the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5.

The Fossil Sport watch display does have an always-on colour display mode too, which allows you to see the time and date without having to wake the watch up, but this feature does take a toll on the watches battery life.

Fossil Sport Watch Review: Performance

The Fossil Sport Watch specs are pretty impressive; the watch uses the latest wearable chipset from Qualcomm, which is the Snapdragon Wear 3100.

This ensures that when navigating around the watch everything is nice and smooth and there is no lag.

The Fossil Sport is also backed with 512MB of RAM, which doesn’t sound like a lot when you think of the RAM used in a smartphone, it is more than enough to power this small watch.

The performance of the Fossil Watch isn’t going to blow you away, as we did notice some annoyances such as the on-screen keyboard reacting slow to us typing.

Fossil Mens Sports Smartwatch with Silicone Strap FTW4021
  • Fossil sport - Men's display smartwatch - Diameter: 43 mm, thickness: 12 mm, band width: 22 mm - 5 ATM water resistant
  • Functions: Heart rate tracking, GPS, Google Pay, swimproof, notifications, personalise your dial, control your music, interchangeable watch band and many more
  • Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (excluding Go edition), iOS 10.0+
  • Battery life is estimated to last all day (based on usage)
  • Items delivered: 1 x Fossil sport display smartwatch, 1 x wireless charger (USB Type), 1 x quick start guide, 1 x warranty booklet

As well as general sluggishness after loading applications in quick succession.

This isn’t great as the new and supposedly improved chip was meant to have fixed this.

The Fossil Sport also has 4GB of internal storage, which is perfect for those that like to download apps to their watch or download music, which enhances the overall fitness experience and helps when working out in the gym.

If you are anything like us and tend to forget your phone, then don’t worry too much if you have the Fossil Sport and you’re on the way to the gym, as long as you have a pair of wireless headphones and music downloaded onto the watch then you are good to go.

We did notice that on the Wear OS application on our phone we came across some applications that are taking up a fair bit of internal storage, but we were unable to delete them from the watch, as they don’t show up.

fossil sport watch specs
Image: Trusted Reviews

One feature we do love with the Fossil Sport watch is that it now has NFC, which means you can make contactless payment through Google Pay.

Again this is perfect if you are out for a morning run and forget your phone but want to grab a quick coffee on the way home, simply place your watch face onto the contactless payment point and bobs your uncle, payment made.

Holding down the digital crown will also give you access to the Google Assistant, as the phone has a microphone but no speaker, this will allow you to ask questions and the watch will show you the answers on the display.

The Fossil Sport runs from Watch OS, which means it is best suited to be compatible with Android device, that being said if you like you can use it with an iPhone but the wide selection of fitness apps won’t be available.

The Fossil Sport has an incredibly accurate heart rate monitor, which can be perfect for those looking to lose weight, as simply keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the day will contribute towards those calories burned.

Couple this with the rather accurate GPS tracker this can help you track the distance you have ran and again be a great asset to those marathon runners out there.

One thing we did notice with the GPS tracker is that it sometimes took a long time to pick up a GPS signal, with it sometimes taking 5 – 10 minutes, which is very annoying.

Fitness tracking is by far the most beneficial aspect of the Fossil Sport watch, with Google Fit now giving you Move Minutes and Heart Points to track and reward you for your workouts, movie minutes are acquired from anything that get your moving.

Whilst heart points are a little more hard to gain, as these are only gained from activities that really get your heart going, running, swimming etc.

Google Fit can track an absolute tone of workouts, from strength training to spinning, skiing and much more.

We remapped our top physical button to track workout and any time we worked out in the gym pressed it, so at the end we see calories burned and how many points we have gained, there is also an automatic rep counter and exercise recognition which works well for the most part.

When bench-pressing the rep counter recognised exactly what we were doing, the same with deadlifts that allows us to really track the data we had done from our workout in the gym.

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We have to say the Fossil Sport Watch specs are fantastic, especially when it comes to fitness track.

Google Fit has come on leaps and bounds recently as it now tracks almost any workout and can accurately count reps and calories.

We love that it now gives heart points and move minutes as we found our self getting slightly obsessed with these, making it much easier to get out of the house to go for a run.

Fossil Sport Watch Review: Battery Life

The Fossil Sport watch has surprisingly good battery life considering it has a stunning OLED display.

See the thing with smartwatches is when they have an OLED panel; this seems to drain the life out of them very quickly, but not the Fossil Sport.

Fossil claims that the sport watch will give users 2 days of battery life, and we found this to be accurate.

Fossil Mens Sports Smartwatch with Silicone Strap FTW4021
  • Fossil sport - Men's display smartwatch - Diameter: 43 mm, thickness: 12 mm, band width: 22 mm - 5 ATM water resistant
  • Functions: Heart rate tracking, GPS, Google Pay, swimproof, notifications, personalise your dial, control your music, interchangeable watch band and many more
  • Compatibility: Android 6.0+ (excluding Go edition), iOS 10.0+
  • Battery life is estimated to last all day (based on usage)
  • Items delivered: 1 x Fossil sport display smartwatch, 1 x wireless charger (USB Type), 1 x quick start guide, 1 x warranty booklet

As we would use the watch from breakfast to bedtime with the always display on, and still find we had around 40% of juice left when it was time to sleep.

This is, of course, dependent on how you are using the watch as if you are using fitness trackers and GPS tracking all day you can expect around a full day of usage.

There is also a low power mode, which will allow the watch to run just as a watch to preserve battery life for a while too.

One great thing about the Fossil Sport is that it does charge incredibly quickly, as it should with such a small battery and device to power up.

fossil sport watch battery life
Image: Trusted Reviews

Giving the watch a quick 20 minutes on the charging dock would see it almost fully charged, more than enough juice to get you through a full day of use.

As a whole the battery life of the Fossil Sport is impressive, it isn’t going to blow you away and it’s not quite as good as Fossil claims.

However, it does charge super quick, which makes up for the fact it drains slightly quicker than expected.

Fossil Sport Watch Review: Summary

So should you buy the Fossil Sport watch?

Well if you are looking for a super Watch OS smartwatch that is excellent for fitness tracking then this could be the one for you.

We do understand the Fossil Sport Watch is expensive, so it won’t be for everyone. However, with Black Friday coming up we are sure there will be some impressive Fossil Sport Watch deals coming up.

With the watch being able to track almost any workout and accumulate you some fun fitness points it’s easy to get in shape with this device.

The Fossil Sport Watch specs are great, with plenty of storage for music and apps as well as RAM to keep the watch running smoothly.

We also love that it has a GPS tracker but in use, it doesn’t work as well as expected, the Google Pay integration is superb and ensures that if you forget your card at the store you aren’t up to your neck in it.

The Fossil Watch battery life is also impressive too, however in the real world we don’t feel it lasts quite as long as Fossil says it will, it will give you 2 days but only in the low power mode which dumbs a lot of features down.

The OLED display of the Fossil Sport watch is beautiful, and it doesn’t drain that precious battery life too quick either.

Fossil Mens Sports Smartwatch with Silicone Strap FTW4021 

With punch colours and bright apps, we found it much more desirable than the LCD offered on most smartwatches.

Overall the Fossil Sport is impressive, but we would recommend checking out our Huawei Watch GT and Samsung Galaxy Watch, as this may be more up your street.

We hope you have enjoyed our Fossil Sport watch review; feel free to check out the best Fossil Sport Watch deals at the top of the post and give the post a cheeky share.

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