Free Roaming Scrapped by Three

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The “Go Roam” Benefit due to be scrapped by Three.

Brexit has brought with it a wealth of changes many of which won’t directly impact consumers. With the intricacies that have come with Brexit, many people might not claim to understand the implications of impact but one thing that has stood out for many are the changes they will see to how they use their smartphones.

EU Connections

Remaining connected is something that we all take for granted and that is not just the case at home. In recent years, UK networks have made changes to their charges, giving users the scope to use their packages overseas for free, especially in those countries within the EU. All was well, especially as customers had the scope to browse their favourite social media channels while lounging by the pool or sending emails while on their latest business trip but all of that is about to change.

In recent months, other network providers have been slowly announcing that they plan to remove the free roaming that so many have enjoyed taking advantage of. This is just a small part of the fallout from Brexit but some providers have said that they are going to charge £2 per day if users want to use their data, calls and texts abroad. This could potentially add a significant amount to their bills for use during their travels. Those providers who have announced that they will be bringing these changes in have said that they will come into effect in 2022 but Three has other plans.

It has been announced that the Go Roam benefit on offer from Three is now going to be ditched. 

Other Networks

Much like Vodafone and EE, Three has announced that free roaming will no longer be available to customers when they travel to Europe, the US or other countries that are currently included. As a result, from May 2022, customers will be required to pay fees to use their data, minutes and texts in these countries. 

For travel and use in EU countries, users would be charged a fee of £2 per day while there is a charge of £5 per day in all other countries around the world. They will also implement a worldwide daily cap for those regions that are not included as this will help to prevent any nasty bill shocks for users. 

For those who begin a new contract from 23 May 2022 or upgrade with Three after 1 October 2021 will be included under the new roaming prices structure. For those who have already taken out a new contract or upgraded then they will be able to use Go Roam until their contract ends. However, free roaming will still be available in the Republic of Ireland.

What’s the aim here?

The aim of the new charges is to provide clarity for customers who will understand what they are paying when they use their phone in another country. The decision follows the likes of EE and Vodafone, both of which bring in new charges in the new year while O2 will offer free roaming for those who have Plus Plans. 

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