Is the Non-MicroSD Samsung Galaxy S21 a Problem for Gamers?

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The iPhone 13 has been released to the inevitable fanfare that all Apple products create. More importantly for gamers, however, is the battle it has reignited with Samsung. Earlier this year, Samsung announced its S21 model wouldn’t be microSD-equipped, meaning its storage is capped at 512GB.

Apple, on the other hand, has just announced that the iPhone 13 will come with 1TB of storage, eclipsing its main rival in the storage wars. A terabyte is enough to convince gamers to invest in Apple’s latest release without a second thought. You may want to hold onto your horses, though, as the lack of a microSD card isn’t as serious as it sounds.

Video Game Streaming Is in Its Infancy  

A solid reason for gamers to select the handset with the largest storage capacity over the Samsung, is to play video games on the go. Something that was assumed to be impossible a decade ago is now available through the Xbox Series X if you download the necessary app. According to Microsoft, you can have the same experience on the train to work as you can in your bedroom or living room. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true if your device isn’t enabled for video game streaming, which is where having 1TB of storage comes in handy.

So, a microSD card that lets you increase your mobile to the same would be awesome. The thing is, the technology is only young, so there’s going to be a learning period before the software is free of bugs. Sony hasn’t even committed to developing the tech for its next version of the PlayStation, so it may not be available for PS users. From this point of view alone, it means you need to be wary of buying a mobile phone that will not affect your video game habits.

Then, there’s the issue of 5G. Fifth-generation data networks are popping up around the UK, yet there’s a lot of work to do before they are commonplace. Without access to 5G, your stream will struggle to keep up with the demands of modern video games anyway. Currently, it’s better to hedge your bets and wait to see in which direction the industry goes. 

Source: Pexels

The Most Popular Activities Don’t Require Much Storage 

Aside from video games, it’s tempting to believe that online casino services are the next most popular among gamers. The industry accounts for around one-fifth of the sector’s overall Gross Gambling Yield in the UK, so it’s easy to see why you would think it’s true. However, the opposite is the case.  

When you consider the activities that people find the most entertaining, quite a few verticals rank about digital slot machines and poker tables. For example, 6.7% of people gamble on sports betting, making it the fourth-biggest service in terms of wagering. When you combine the activities that are linked to sports gambling, such as horse racing and football pools, you can see the demand for sports-related betting solutions within the UK, which also explains the rise of remote bookmakers in the last couple of years. The National Lottery and scratchcards account for 29% and 9.9%, respectively.

As you can see, gamers like to consume many types of offerings, making gambling solutions very popular. A feature of betting websites and apps is that they use HTML5 technology to host data on your browser. Indeed, the S21 has an LTPO screen that condenses to 1 Hz when displaying text. What this means is that 512GB of storage is plenty as mobile and web apps are stored via your browser and don’t use loads of RAM.

Until video game streaming on mobiles gets bigger and gamers switch their gambling habits, the lack of a microSD card in the Samsung S21 probably won’t harm your experience.

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