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So you are interested in the Google Home Hub? Great, you are in the right place! In this Google Home Hub review we give you all of the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

We go over everything from the design, to the performance and give you our verdict.

As well as showcasing the best Google Home Hub deals in the UK;

Currently priced at £139 here in the UK, the Google Home Hub is a virtual assistant with a screen, allowing you to organise your life digitally.

The Google Home Hub release date was back on October 22nd 2018, and since then has been helping us navigate through emails, our calendar and more.

Lets take a closer look at what the Home Hub has to offer..


At first glance the Google Home Hub looks like a tablet that is plugged in, however it is far from it.

The Google Home Hub is actually really small, despite is looking like a big display, and it is in fact only 7-inches.

This is just say bigger than the likes of the iPhone XS Max, and is a lot smaller than a tablet device.

The Google Home Hub display is touchscreen, allowing you to easily navigate around the device simply by touch.

Also offering HD resolution, so visuals are crisp, clear and have plenty of detail. The Google Home Hub display is 179 x 118 x 67mm, and has small bezels around the outside of the screen.

On the top of the Google Home Hub is an ambient light sensor, this is pretty cool as it detects how much light is in the room, and can adjust the brightness of the screen accordingly to preserve power.

Home Hub review

Image: TechAdvisor

This works well as you wont need to keep turning the brightness levels down on the device, so you can use the home hub as a clock/alarm if you wish.

Either side of this sensor is microphones, which are used to pick up voice commands and trigger Google Assist.

On the back of the Google Home Hub is a mute button, this does what it says on the tin and is used to ensure that Google Assist wont be triggered and listening in for commands.

On the right hand side of the Home Hub is the volume rocker, these feel strong and sturdy and have a satisfying click noise when pressed.

Google have not implemented a camera on this device, as they wanted privacy to of the utmost importance, ensuring that users can place this device wherever they wish around their home.

Now on the back of the Google Home Hub is a fabric material, the same used on the Google Home and Google Home Mini.

This fabric comes in a couple of different colours, Chalk, Charcoal, Aqua and Sand. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Chalk version for our review, and we loved it.

The Google Home Hub is capable of fitting into your home easily without standing out.

The modern stylish design is ideal for a living room, kitchen or bedroom.

The fabric on the back of the device houses the Google Home Hub speaker, and is used for the Google Home Hub to respond to your commands and play music.

As a whole the Google Home Hub design extremely well built, we used it in our kitchen mostly and felt more than safe having it around pots and pans.


The Google Home Hub performance aspect is where this device really shines. Firstly download the Google Home app; some may already have this if you have a Google Home or Google Home Mini connected in your home.

Once this is installed simply tab the plus icon and start the pairing process, this doesn’t take long at all and you will need to select any other smart tech that you have inside your home.

So if you have a Google Home for example the Home Hub will work in tandem with this, ensuring you get the best Google Assist experience possible.

We can really see why this device is a great accessory to any home, especially if you manage to catch your eye on one of the strong Google Home Hub deals.

One thing to note here is that the Home Hub does not support paid for email accounts, which isn’t great as you are immediately at a disadvantage.

However a free Gmail account links seamlessly to this device, and can be used to read out your calendar or emails.

Right from the home screen you will be able to see the current weather, news articles and the time/date.

Swiping on the screen will allow you to view music, and suggested YouTube videos.

google home hub deals

Image: TrustedReviews

We love the UI as it is super easy to navigate and control, opening any content will let you swipe straight back to home screen immediately whilst still keeping the content open.

The features of the Google Assist are extensive; we mainly placed the Google Home Hub in the kitchen.

So we would regularly ask the device for recipes and weather reports, the devices uses Google Search to find the information, which is super accurate and ensures all of the information is relevant.

The Google Home Hub even lets you watch live TV, whilst waiting for you food to cook we would watch The Jeremy Kyle Show, although it isn’t too great as the display is extremely small.

YouTube is built in, so if Jeremy Kyle is not your thing then you have access to your favourite YouTubers.

The Google Assist also formats some information on the display too, so if you ask for the football score, this will be displayed to give you as much information as possible.

We love that the device can sync with your Google account, to show you photos that can be displayed on your lock screen, almost like a slide show of your favourite pictures.

The Home Hub allows you to stream music from the likes of Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and more, simply say “Hey-Google, play an album from Oasis”, and you will get a random album from Oasis, or any artist.

Just like the Google Home and Google Home Mini, the Home Hub allows you to make calls completely for free to any UK mobile or landlines, ensuring that you can stay in contact with friends and family without the need of your mobile device.

You can even set your caller ID to your mobile number. One of the areas where Google has really excelled in the last couple of years, is their Smart Home tech.

Meaning if you have the compatible tech, for example light bulbs, thermostats and CCTV camera.

You can seamlessly control much more of your home, through the use of the Google Home Hub.

Simply setting one command, can turn on the kettle, turn the lights on and crank the heating up.

This is fantastic and can really enhance your experience at home; of course these Smart Tech appliances are sold separately, and can be quite costly.

All in all the Google Home Hub performance aspect is strong, allowing you to control multiple aspect of your home all in one small device.

We love the fact that it reads out emails, set alarms and check football and weather reports easily.

Throughout this Home Hub review we found the shire amount of features this device has to be the most impressive, it can give you any information you need, quickly and accurately.

Sound Quality & Video Quality

When it comes to the sound quality of the Google Home Hub, you wont be blown away.

This device is certainly not a replacement for a speaker, however Google does state that it has a full range speaker.

We found that the audio is more finely tuned for voice commands, voice sounds crisp, clear and loud.

We used the Google Home Hub quite a lot to call friends and family, and had no issues whatsoever with the speaker when it comes to call quality.

Although when using the device to play music from Spotify, we did notice that the sound isn’t quite as clear, and does not sound as good as the Google Home Mini or Google Home.

google home hub deals

Image: 9to5Google

The 7-inch display does a great job at displaying content, it has a HD resolution to ensure that you get the best visual experience possible on this small device.

This is by no means a 4K television, but for watching YouTube videos and viewing news reports and the weather.

The display is absolutely fine, viewing angles are great, whilst image quality is strong too.

We found the ambient light sensor to work extremely well, and we didn’t have to adjust the brightness levels at any point to stop our eyelashes being singed.


So is the Google Home Hub worth your cash?

Well if you have a house with Smart Tech, and are looking for a smart assistant that can make your day a little easier, then yes.

The Google Home Hub speaker isn’t going to blow your sock off with crazy bass or clarity, however it is good enough for occasional use and voice calls.

Although for most people this device is certainly not essential, and more a luxury.

The display is a great addition to the assistant, as it can display recipes, music videos and more.

We just wished the Google Home Hub had Chromecast support, which would allow you to cash Netflix onto the display if needed.

This device certainly isn’t going to replace your stereo system, however if you happen to have a Google Home in your house, this device compliments in nicely.

We hope you have enjoyed our Google Home Hub review, feel free to leave a comment and share if you have enjoyed.

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