Google Home Max Review UK

Google Home Max review

Google Home Max Review: Overview & Price

In this Google Home Max review, we go over everything you need to know about this smart speaker, as well as showcasing the best deals here in the UK.

The Google Home Max release date was back on August 30th of 2018, giving users a gigantic hub to control their smart-assistant in their home.

This speaker is compatible with other Google products around your home, so if you are lucky enough to own a Google Home Hub, Google Home Mini or Google Home you can link them up effortlessly.

The Google Home Max price is currently around £300 here in the UK, making it more expensive than the Google Home Hub and Google Home.

There are some impressive deals for the Google Home Max now in 2019, although the speaker itself is still super-pricey.

[dfrcs name=”Home Max Google” brand=”google” filters=”finalprice_min=290&finalprice_max=420″]

That being said the Max is a different beast altogether and is designed to be more of a speaker than an assistant.

The Google Home Max is huge, and as a speaker it performs exceptionally well.

But is it worth that hefty price tag?

Let’s find out…

Google Home Max Review: Design

The Google Home Max design is very similar to the Google Home, with a soft-touch plastic body and a soft material front.

Although the size is where the two really differ, with the Home Max being a whopping 337 x 190 x 154mm and weighing in at a heavy 5.3kg.

The Google Home Max comes in two colours; you have the choice of either Chalk or Charcoal.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Chalk version of the device to conduct this review, and we have to say we loved how it blends into our interior design.

Now with the Google Home Max being so big, we would recommend having this device in a living space, rather than a bedroom.

We did try to use it in our bedroom for a couple of days but we found it didn’t look right and found it to be most useful in a wide-open living space.

In the box Google provides a magnetic rubber pad that can be used at either the bottom or the side of the device to ensure it can be placed in portrait mode.

Not only does this pad stop the device from sliding around, but it also acts as an isolation pad to ensure that whatever surface you have the Home Max on it won’t wobble it with the bass of the device.

google home max price

Image: Tinh tế Photo

However, if you do choose to place your Google Home Max in portrait mode, this does disable the stereo mode, meaning you lose some audio power.

The stereo mode is not something you would want to miss out on either, as no other smart speaker offers this and it ensures that you get the best audio experience possible from your device.

Behind the mesh of the Google Home Max are dual 4.5-inch woofers and dual 0.7-inch tweeters which ensure that the sound quality is great, but more on that shortly.

The Google Home Max design is pretty plain and simple, with not a lot going on which we like and feel makes it easy to use.

Around the back of the device is the mute switch that does exactly what it says on the tin. In the bottom corner, you have the audio jack, which can be used to plug in any external devices if you wish to use this device as a wired speaker.

There is also a USB-C port that can be used to plug in your phone, and there is also a power cable that is used to power the device.

On top of the Google Home Max is a capacitive touch bar, with sliders used to increase or decrease the volume, tapping in the middle of the bar is used to play/pause music too.

This automatically adjusts too if you devise you want to have your Google Home Max standing up tall.

Google Home Max Review: Performance

Setting up the Google Home Max is super easy, simply plug the speaker in and open up the Google Home app and your device should be found instantly.

After this simply connect the Google Home Max up to your Wi-Fi and you are good to go.

The main attraction to the Google Home devices tends to be the built-in Google Assistant, which helps you manage your day more effectively and can give you accurate weather updates and much more.

Not only does the Google Home Max have this feature built-in, but it also is a fantastic speaker system too.

This gives users the best of both worlds as typically smart speakers don’t sound the best, and great speakers often don’t have a built-in assistant.

So this makes the Google Home Max a great purchase for those that want the benefits of the Google Assistant, but also want the benefits of being able to crank the volume up and host an awesome party when needed.

The Google Assistant can give you directions, look up local businesses and even give you the football score, all by simply saying “Hey-Google, what is the football score?” or whatever query you need the answer to.

google home max deals

Image: Tinh tế Photo

Google Assistant is also compatible with other smart tech too, so if you happen to own a Nest Thermostat or Philip Hue light bulbs, you can connect your Google Home Max up and command the lights and temperature from your Home Max.

We found this works exceptionally well and gives you so much control of your home.

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We would often set trigger phrases like “Hey-Google, Good Morning”, and this would turn our lights on and trigger the kettle to flick on downstairs ready for our morning coffee.

You may be wondering how well the Google Home Max picks up your voice? Well very, very well.

We found that even when playing music the Google Assistant could still hear our voice over the music, even when speaking softly and almost whispering from meters away the Google Home Max would still pick up our sound thanks to its super sensitive microphones.

If you are a bit of a conspiracy theorist you can even turn off the voice recognition via the switch at the back of the device, this stops any commands being listened to by your device and ensures that you won’t have your Google Home Max interrupting you when family or friends are over.

Given the price of the Google Home Max we would have expected some added features from Google, although the Assistant aspect does cover most of what you expect from a smart speaker.

Another useful feature of the Google Home Max is the ‘Multi-Room’ feature, this is a little tricky to set up but once you have it all good to go, it makes for an amazing experience.

Multi-Room is essentially connecting your Google Home Max to other devices in your house, so if you have a Google Home for example upstairs, you can use your Google Home Max to communicate with it.

This works well for those that have kids, as you can easily let them know that their tea is ready without having to shout or raise your voice.

Google Home Max Review: Sound Quality

So if you are even considering the Google Home Max, chances are you are interested in it because of its speaker.

So one of the most important parts of the speaker is to produce excellent sound quality, and believe me when I say the Google Home Max will not let you down.

Thanks to the dual woofers and tweeters that are covered behind the mesh, the Google Home Max sounds incredible in almost any environment.

The volume cranks up extremely high to ensure it can be heard from any room in the house, whilst maintaining rich and quality audio.

The Google Home Max sounds incredible and is more than capable of keeping the party going if needed.

google home max price

Image: Tinh tế Photo

We found ourselves having the volume at around 30-40% most of the time and only cranked it up to 100 for this review.

The speakers of the Google Home Max are actually 20 times more powerful than the Google Homes speakers, which is literally insane.

We also found that when speaking to the Google Assistant it sounds like an actual person is in the room with you, kind of creepy sometimes.

We did notice that when the volume is cranked to over 90% the volume does distort quite a bit, however, this is to be expected and it is very unlikely to have it at this volume regularly.

One cool feature of the speaker is that it actually uses microphones on top of the base to detect how far away the nearest wall is.

This ensures that the sound isn’t going to overpower the room too much like you would find with the music on max volume in a small car.

It doesn’t make a huge difference as it really depends on the volume setting you have the speaker on, however, it definitely does help.

As a whole the Google Home Max sound quality is awesome, it sounds insane at high volumes whilst maintaining high-quality audio; we really were shocked at how well this speaker performs.

Throughout this Google Home Max review we found the most impressive aspect of the device to be its sound quality, we really had nothing major to complain about in this department.

Google Home Max Review: Summary

So should you buy the Google Home Max?

Well if you are looking for a smart speaker that can help you plan out your day and make life a little easier, as well as being able to get the party started.

Then yes! However don’t forget the Google Home Max price, at £300 this device certainly isn’t cheap.

We did manage to find some impressive Google Home Max deals, although, for the most part, we found the device to still be slightly overpriced.

That being said we feel the value for money piece here is great and you really do get a lot of bank for your buck.

We love how the Google Home Max can pair seamlessly with other Google devices in your home, making the Google Home Mini or Google Home seem like a smart purchase alongside the Max.

The design aspect is cool too, although it is a little big and rather heavy it can sit in almost any interior without looking like it’s out of place.

The Google Home Max can even be stood up to minimise the space it needs. As a whole we feel the Google Home Max is a fantastic speaker accessory to your home that is if you have the budget for it.

We hope you have enjoyed our Google Home Max review, feel free to comment and share, as well as giving us any feedback you may have as it is greatly appreciated.

We have also listed the best Google Home Max deals at the top of this post, to ensure you get the best possible price for this smart speaker.

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