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The Google Pixel Stand is a wireless charger specifically designed for the Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL.

In this Google Pixel Stand review we will be giving you all of the information you need to make an informed purchase decision on this handy device.

To buy the Google Pixel Stand it is currently priced at £69 here in the UK, making it a rather expensive accessory for your Google Pixel 3 phone.

This is much more than just a wireless charger, and if that is all you require then this wont be the device for you.

The Pixel Stand has Google Assist integrated with it, making it a slightly cheaper version that the Google Home Hub.

Lets take a look at what the Pixel Stand has to offer..


Firstly the Google Pixel Stand design isn’t going to make you instantly reach for your credit card to buy this thing. It has a hard plastic design and only comes in the colour white.

The Pixel Stand almost looks like a pebble, resting on a base at a slight angle to ensure your Pixel 3 wont fall over.

At the bottom of the base is a slight ridge to keep your phone in place; we found that even when rocking the table or moving the stand slightly the phone would still stay in place.

On the bottom of the device is an orange rubber pad that ensures the Pixel Stand wont slide about when on a flat surface.

google pixel stand design

Image: AndroidGuys

This is great if you have the device on a workstation or on a bedside table as it grips to the surface and you’ll have a hard time making it move, even when tugging the wire.

The actual charging wire is USB-C that plugs into the slot inside of the rubber pad.

As a whole the Google Pixel Stand design is pretty basic, Google has really focused on packing as many features into the device as possible rather than making it an all singing and dancing design.

It certainly doesn’t look bad, and will blend into almost any environment, with it being super lightweight it is very easy to move around and take away with you.


This is where the Google Pixel Stand comes into its own, and you start realising that this is not only a wireless charger, but much more.

Google are really trying to ensure that Google Assist is all around you, whether that be from a Google Home, Google Home Mini or Google Pixel phone.

This is great as it means no matter where you are in your home, Google Assist has got you covered and can help with almost any question or task.

Google are encouraging its users to leave their phone docked on the Pixel Stand, and rely much more on the assistant.

Not only does this charge your phone, but it also gives you access to Google photos, can be used as a display for checking weather, time etc.

buy google pixel stand

Image: AndroidGuys

It even has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to ensure that your phone isn’t going to keep going off when its docked on the stand.

One of our favourite features of the Pixel Stand is that when its docked, it works as a smart alarm clock.

This means that it automatically adjusts brightness based on the ambient lighting in the room, and what time it is.

So when it’s getting dark at night the display will get dimmer. This works in the opposite way too, when setting an alarm in the morning rather than an abrupt wake up call.

The Pixel Stand will slowly lighten up the room and the alarm will get louder and time goes on and show you some photos from your library, ensuring that you wake up is as natural and pleasant as it possibly can be.

Google are pushing us towards a world where we slowly detach from our smartphone, and the Pixel Stand is pushing its Digital Wellbeing feature more than ever before.

This feature is great as it lets you know exactly how long you have been using certain apps, helping you kick that social media addiction.

There are a couple of downsides to the Pixel Stand though, for example it doesn’t support any landscape orientation, so the phone needs to be used up right at all times when supported on the stand.

As well as this to buy the Google Pixel Stand it is certainly not cheap, however this is the best accessory for a Google Pixel phone in our opinion.

If you currently own a Google Pixel phone then you will be well aware of just how great Google Assist really is, simply saying “Hey-Google” fires the assistant up ensuring its ready to help you out with any queries you may have.

Checking the weather or footy score is easy, and checking your Gmail and calendar is great too, ensuring you never miss a meeting.

We found we would use it most in the morning to play our Spotify playlist, giving us that extra kick in the morning and putting us in a great mood to seize the day.

For most people the Pixel Stand could be a great alternative to the more expensive Google Home Hub, as it does much of the same features minus the big display.

This is all great but what else can the Google Pixel Stand do?

Well if you happen to have some Smart Tech around your home, the stand integrates seamlessly with it!

This means you can turn up the thermostat, meaning you can heat up the house before you get home from work without keeping the heating on all day, checking who’s at the door with a compatible smart doorbell, or even setting a routine command like “Good Morning Google”.

This could put the kettle on, turn the lights off and crank the heating up if you had the compatible smart tech for the job.

Of course this smart tech needs to be bought separately, however you really get to experience all of what Google Assist has to offer with this tech.

Throughout this Google Pixel Stand review we found the integration with other smart tech to be the most impressive, as it acts as a controller for other devices you have around your home.

The primary feature of the Google Pixel Stand is for charging you Google Pixel device, this works well and even works in both landscape and portrait mode.

google pixel stand review

Image: ExpertReviews

As well as this the Pixel Stand supports up to 10W charging, meaning it charges your device incredibly fast.

However if you are not fussed about the Google Assist feature, then you can save yourself some money by just opting for a regular fast charger.

Not only does the Pixel Stand charge your Google Pixel phone, but it can also charge any Qi compatible devices, so the Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone XS are both able to be charged with this device.

Even with a case on your phone, the charger will penetrate this and ensure that your device is still charging swiftly.


So is the Google Pixel Stand worth your hard earned cash?

Well if you don’t want to fork out for a Google Home Hub, then yes! This device is a great alternative to the more expensive home hub and does many of the same things minus the 7-inch display.

The Google Assist feature is incredible and ensures you stay on top of your day with access to your Gmail, calendar and much more.

The Google Pixel Stand design is slick and modern; it will fit into any environment easily without looking ugly.

As a whole the Google Pixel Stand is a great accessory for your Google Pixel device, if you happen to own a Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 2 then this can be a great charger with much more to offer.

However if you are not bothered too much about the Google Assist, then a standard fast charger will be cheaper for you.

Check out where to buy the Google Pixel Stand at the top of this post, and you might even grab a great deal.

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