Google is Changing How You Delete Your Smartphone Search History (The Last 15 Minutes that is…)

Google Search History

Our smartphones have fast become a part of everyday life, and google understands this. We watch films, send emails, take pictures and we also use it to find out things online which means that we often leave a trail of our recent search history. The thing is, not everyone is happy to leave a trail behind, not because they have anything to hide but mainly because they want things to remain private and there is nothing wrong with that.

Your Google search history can reveal a lot about you and your browsing habits, so why not keep that private? Given that phones are now considered our primary devices, much of the searching we do takes place on our phones. However, if you wanted to delete your search history then Google hardly made it an easy process as the options have been relatively limited. The previous options included deleting their entire search history from their app, delete entries individually or use the auto-deletion feature which could delete data every 3, 18 or 26 months.

Google has noticed that there are some gaps in the options here and now it has brought in a completely new option that enables users to delete their search history from the last 15 minutes. With a single tap at the setting screen, it will mean that their search history will magically disappear after 15 minutes.

For many, this has been a long time coming but this new privacy feature to remove partial search history was brought in by Google at the Google I/O developers conference. However, it is no surprise that Google has announced that this is one of the features that users have been demanding the most with their device connection.

So, How Do You Make Use of This New Feature on Your Smartphone with Google?

Given that Google has introduced this new feature, it can help to understand how to use it. After all, with all the browsing that users do on their phone, there is no real harm in choosing to make use of it and delete your previous search history from the last 15 minutes. Whilst I don’t claim to be any kind of Technology Guru, I found the steps easy to follow.

To use the feature you will need to:

  • Open up to the Google app on your smartphone
  • In the top right, you will need to tap your profile picture to access settings.
  • At the next screen, you will be presented with the option to “Delete last 15 minutes”. One simple tap is all that it takes and then you will notice that all of your search entries from the previous 15 minutes will be deleted from your history.

Along with this, Google is also making it easier to delete your entire search history, making the process more efficient and faster. Using a new two-tap process, you can delete search history, with this feature being implemented soon. However, you will need to remember that choosing to take this option on your smartphone will mean that all of your history and associated details will be removed from the My Activity section.

Remeber this feature is only available on iOS – For further help, check out this video from Max Dalton on his You Tube Channel – HERE

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