Honor Band 4 Review UK

Honor Band 4 Review: Overview & Price

The Honor Band 4 is a great value for money fitness tracker and its release date was back on December 24th of 2018.

The Honor Band 4 gives you plenty of features; such as sleep tracking, heart rate tracking and will even track your runs to help you improve on your fitness goals.

To buy the Honor Band 4 it is priced at £59.99 here in the UK, the Honor Band 4 is a smart purchase for those looking to lose some weight or simply track how much quality sleep they are getting every night.

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Let’s take a closer look…

Honor Band 4 Review: Design & Display

When it comes to the design of the Honor Band 4, it looks exactly like you would expect a fitness tracker to look like. It has a slim design that looks good on thick or thin wrists.

The Honor Band 4 has a super simplistic design that we absolutely love; it has the Honor logo ingrained into the strap, whilst it has a nice textured strap that feels extremely grippy and nice to the touch.

Other than this there is only a single touch-sensitive button on the front. Flipping the watch over is where you will find the heart rate sensor and a charging port.

One of the main features of the Honor Band 4 is that it is actually waterproof!

That is up to a depth of 50 meters too, meaning if you’re on holiday and swimming in a pool or in the sea, you don’t need to have a panic attack when you realise you have left this watch on your wrist as it will be absolutely fine.

The Honor Band 4 weighs in at a measly 23g, not heavy at all and it won’t leave your arm with indentation marks after long periods of wearing this watch.

HONOR 55030496 Band 4 Running with 6 Axis Motion Sensor/Running Recording Directly on Shoe Red
  • Clear 1.27 cm (0.5 inch) display
  • Average 12 Day Battery Life
  • Water resistant to 50m and a 6-axis motion sensor
  • Step recording directly on the running shoe
  • Box contents: Honor Band 4 running, charger, quick guide, holder for attaching to running shoes

The device comes in a black colour, with either a light pink or dark blue strap, however if you get tired of one of these colours or it simply doesn’t go with your outfit, then this can easily be replaced by strap you can buy online.

The design of the Honor Band 4 is extremely clean, meaning it can go with almost any outfit, you wouldn’t wear this thing to the club but if you get the right strap then you could easily pull this off at work or just generally out and about.

Now onto the main event of the Honor Band 4, its display!

The Honor Band 4 has a stunning 0.95-inch 240 x 120 display, OLED display I should say!

We instantly noticed that the colours on the display are insanely sharp and crisp, there are a couple always on features too; the weather is at the top left, Bluetooth and battery life is in the top right corner.

In the centre of the display is where the date and time are displayed, swiping up will give you access to the heart rate monitor, rest function and workout features.

honor band 4 release date

Image: Trusted Reviews

We literally couldn’t get over how good the colours are on this display; they literally pop out of the display especially when in a dark setting.

There are a couple of options when it comes to changing the watch face too, you can choose between three different faces.

The actual glass on the display is extremely tough, we found that it didn’t scratch even when we knocked ours a couple of times and it also has 2.5D curved edges!

One thing we did notice in regards to the display is that it does take a second to wake up, when flicking your wrist from by your side to out in front of you the watch face does take a second to load up, its not lag as such but it feels like its just a lot slower than we expected.

This wasn’t a deal-breaker for us as the features on this thing trump the 1-second display delay, but its something worth noting as it won’t immediately light up when you expect it to.

Brightness levels are great on the Honor Band 4, even when using this thing in direct sunlight we found it to still be visible from plenty of angles.

Honor Band 4 Review: Performance

So what are the Honor Band 4 features like?

Well aside from the sleep tracking, heart rate monitor and daily step count there is lots to offer here.

There is an ‘AliPay’ app which we originally thought was a leftover from the Chinese origin of this device, however when you realise it has around 800 million users worldwide our opinion quickly changed.

This works just like Apple Pay does in the sense that you can pay for things simply by using the watch, it is available in the UK too.

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Another awesome feature with the Honor Band 4 is that you can manually choose which apps you would like to send you notifications, the watch does have a built-in vibration motor too that works really well.

The notifications can be set to WhatsApp or Facebook messenger but being honest its more of a chore as it takes a while to check the messages and there is no way to reply.

When diving into the Huawei Health app, you will see that you can monitor your heart rate, this is measured by small nodes every two minutes, it also gives you the option to immediately view your heart rate which is great when running on a treadmill or working out.

We tested out how good the heart rate monitor was by using different breathing techniques to try and manipulate the monitor to get our heart rate to where we thought it most likely would be, we found it pretty accurate too.

In the app you will also find details on your sleep, this section essentially bombards you with information and it is very interesting.

It allows you to see exactly how much deep sleep you got, it also advises what to do if you are getting low amounts of deep sleep, for example eating a healthier diet and drinking more water.

The app also shows you how much REM sleep you got the night before; you do need the ‘Huawei True Sleep’ feature activated in order for the app to show you this information.

honor band 4 features

Image: Trusted Reviews

The ‘True Sleep’ feature does drain a ton more battery though, we found it was almost double to what it was when we had it turned off, we thought it was well worth the faster drainage of battery life though as it allows you to go in-depth on your sleep statistics.

We absolutely loved the fitness tracking aspect of this watch, when running on a treadmill we found that the points at which the watch tracked a mile were extremely accurate to the point shown on the treadmill.

This is ideal for those who love to run outside as it will give you a very accurate measurement of how far you have ran and can really help you with your fitness goals.

You will find that the watch automatically buzzes each kilometre you reach too, which can be a great boost of motivation when trying to lose weight, this can be re-mapped to longer distances if you’re big into running.

All in all, we were extremely impressed with the Honor Band 4 performance, it’s a great all-round watch with some incredible tracking features for fitness and sleep.

Honor Band 4 Review: Battery Life

The Honor Band 4 has a 100mAh battery life, this doesn’t sound like much but this has a capability to get you up to 2 weeks of usage without needing to recharge!

This is, of course, depending on how many of its high powered features you have turned on, for example if you have the ‘Huawei True Sleep’ feature on for more in-depth sleep statistics then you will find that the battery life almost half’s.

HONOR 55030496 Band 4 Running with 6 Axis Motion Sensor/Running Recording Directly on Shoe Red
  • Clear 1.27 cm (0.5 inch) display
  • Average 12 Day Battery Life
  • Water resistant to 50m and a 6-axis motion sensor
  • Step recording directly on the running shoe
  • Box contents: Honor Band 4 running, charger, quick guide, holder for attaching to running shoes

We found that with the feature on we would get around 5-7 days of battery life, which is still incredible given the features and statistics that this device will show you.

When compared to other fitness watches such as the Fitbit Charge 3, this is slightly less but when you take into account the price of the Honor Band 4, it certainly is incredible.

There is a plastic charging dock that comes with the watch too, all you need to do is plug the charger into the strap and then it will immediately start charging, you can expect the device to go from 0-100% in a couple of hours.

Honor Band 4 Review: Summary

So is the Honor Band 4 a good buy?

Well if you are looking for an extremely cheap fitness tracker that can help you with your fitness goals this summer, then most definitely!

This device isn’t going to break the bank and is a great addition to your wrist, especially when in the gym.

The Honor Band 4 features are extensive, with its ability to track your sleep and give you detailed statistics on how you’re sleeping.

Its OLED display is also beautiful, with super bright colours, great viewing angles and very high brightness levels enabling the watch to be visible in direct sunlight.

One of the most impressive aspects of this device is its battery life, it can literally last you for around 27 days!

Since the Honor Band 4 release date this tracker has been a great alternative to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch Series 3.

That is of course with none of its features turned on, but even with the tracking features turned on it will last you around a week.

HONOR 55030496 Band 4 Running with 6 Axis Motion Sensor/Running Recording Directly on Shoe Red 

This is superb and means you won’t find yourself reaching for the charger all of the time as we find with some other watches.

Considering that to buy the Honor Band 4 it is less than £60 here in the UK, we were happy with its overall performance.

Overall we were extremely impressed by the value for money than the Honor Band 4 brings, we hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to check out our other watch reviews.

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