How To Lower Your Energy Bills – Best UK Lockdown Tips!

New Energy Service Saving UK Households £££’s for Free

How to Lower Your Energy Bills with BillBuddy

So its day 47 of Lockdown here in the UK, and like most people, we at Device Dictionary have been looking at ways to be more productive, and to try and save our readers money.

In an attempt to lower our energy bills, we recently discovered BillBuddy, a revolutionary tool, saving UK households money on their household gas and/or electricity bills, for FREE – and thought best to explain how our UK readers can take advantage of this.

What is BillBuddy?

Having previously been kept a secret to the general public, a team in Hampshire have released a Free Tool, that thousands of Brits are rushing to sign up to, saving them hundreds of pounds, and designed to help you to lower your energy bills

BillBuddy works by taking advantage of the age old tactic big energy companies use to lure customers to them – cheap introductory deals.

We’ve all been there, one minute you’ll bills are cheap, then 10 months later, the price gets hiked, and leave you substantially out of pocket, but with BillBuddy on your side, this will never happen again.

How Can BillBuddy Save me Money?

To put it simply, BillBuddy will keep you as a “new customer” forever

By utilizing the offers of over 50 of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK, BillBuddy will ensure to keep you on the cheapest tariff, so should your supplier hike the price, BillBuddy will look for the cheapest supplier, helping you to lower your energy bills – Easy!

A Smartphone Showing How to Lower Your Energy Bills with BillBuddy

You will never have to deal with any boring admin, or have to make long calls to energy companies, BillBuddy makes the whole process a breeze.

Most importantly, there are no hidden Fees, and it is completely free of charge to all UK residents!

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How do I Take Advantage of BillBuddy?

There’s no better time than now to lock in cheaper energy. Times are hard and, if the naysayers are right, are about to get a lot harder.

  1. Simply click below to say if you have a smart meter.
  2. Enter your postcode to see how much you could save.
  3. Complete the signup and let BillBuddy save you £100’s every year.

That’s it – BillBuddy will do all the hard work for you, and ensure that your Gas and/or electricity bills are covered, Forever.

Do You have a Smart Meter?

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