How To Switch Broadband Provider

how to switch broadband provider

How To Switch Broadband Provider

So you’ve had it with your current home broadband provider? Speeds are ridiculously slow, and every time you call them they tell you to turn it off and back on again?

Well, you’re in the right place, in this post we are going to go through exactly how to switch broadband provider.

Now in 2019, and just about to break into 2020, switching broadband provider couldn’t be easier.

Finding your new provider is only the first step towards switching your broadband, there are a couple of important steps to take which ensure minimal downtime.

You can check out our broadband reviews to find the best provider for you, and then follow these simple steps to smoothly transition.

According to Ofcom switching broadband supplier or re-contracting with an existing supplier will actually save you money.

Ofcom ran a report in September 2019, which analysed over 20 million customer records to get a detailed understanding of the prices paid by broadband customers.

Ofcom found that there are around 8.8 million out-of-contract broadband customers in the UK, which represents 41% of all broadband customers.

Of these 3.3 million had been out of contract for over two years, meaning they could save a lot of money if they re-contracted or switched provider.

 So how hard is it to switch broadband provider?

Let’s find out…

Check To See If You Are Out Of Contract

The first and most important step of how to switch broadband provider is ensuring that you are not in a contract with your existing provider.

You can do this by looking over your contract to make sure you have completed the minimum term if you are unsure you can give your provider a quick call to check.

The reason this is so important is that if you switch provider but are still in a contract, then you could be hit with a hefty cancellation fee for leaving early.

Some broadband providers will contribute towards getting you out if you are in the last couple of months, for example, EE broadband will pay £50 to your existing provider to pay for the last remaining couple of months (depending which plan you are on).

If you do find that you are outside of your contract, then your existing provider will often try to regrade your broadband and give you a more competitive deal.

We would hold off on that for now as there may be something much more suited for you.

We do not recommend changing broadband provider if you are heavily in a contract; if this is the case then we recommend talking to your current provider.


One of the biggest considerations to take into account when switching broadband provider is your budget if you can try to grab a deal around Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

This year the likes of Sky were offering a huge 50% off, this lasts for your whole contract and means that you get a fantastic offer without spending a fortune.

Working out your finances first is always a great start, as you may find that you have a little more in your budget than you thought, so opting for a fibreoptic package may be a better option for you.

how to switch broadband provider

However, if you don’t have the excess money to spend on home broadband, then an ADSL package could be the way to go.

Choose The Right Broadband Deal

When it comes to choosing the right broadband deal, there is plenty to choose from.

You can check out our full broadband reviews where we go over every provider in the UK and give an unbiased opinion on each.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to choosing a new broadband package:

  • Do I need Fibre broadband? – If your household has multiple connected devices, such as mobile phones, laptops and computers, gaming consoles and more then we would recommend a Fibre package. This is because regular ADSL may not be fast enough to support multiple devices. We find that over 30% of users who opt for the ADSL package call back up within 6 months and upgrade to Fibre.

  • How long should my contract be? – For the most part, an 18-month broadband contract is the most common. But if you are someone who rents then you may want to look at a shorted 12-month deal. Often you will get a more competitive price for the longer you tie in for. So if you know your going to be sticking around then it may be worth looking into a 24-month contract.

  • Benefits – Each broadband provider tends to offer different benefits, for example, if you switch to EE broadband they give you an extra 5GB of mobile data to use on your phone. That is providing you are with EE mobile. Looking into which benefit best suits you is important, as it means you can get the most out of your new broadband provider.

  • Should I get a package with TV included? – Some broadband providers offer competitive TV packages too. For example, Sky broadband tend to offer great bundle deals if you take out their TV and broadband package together. This can result in a stellar price for the both combined, however, they are often for longer contracts so definitely look into this.

Once you determine a couple of these things then you will be in a much better position to choose a provider that works for you.

We always recommend checking your postcode in the postcode checker on the provider’s website to ensure that that offer the package you want in your area.

Once you have a package in mind, then checking to see how long you’ll be signing up for is important.

We always advise getting a speed estimate for your address first before signing anything.

Limit Or No Limit?

Depending on how much your family uses home broadband, you may be able to save a couple of pounds on limiting your package.

If your household rarely uses the internet, as in no online gaming, no videos, no streaming and only uses around 1 hour a day of internet.

You could get a cheaper package; we recommend speaking to the provider you are interested in first.

Which allows you to get an insight into what you can and cannot do with limited broadband.

This is usually not an option for most people, as it is extremely restricted and doesn’t give much freedom for using Wi-Fi.

However, there are some instances where this can be a great saver if you need internet in your workshop for example and only use it now and again.

Think About Customer Service

When it comes to switching broadband provider we always take a good look at the customer services reviews of our new provider before switching.

There is nothing worse than switching over, having some difficulties then being stuck with a bad customer services team to try and help resolve the issue.

Some providers such as Plusnet are renowned for excellent customer service, and they often offer great deals on their packages too.

Take a look at Ofcom’s recent reports on customer service to find out which providers have the best customer reviews.


When asking yourself how to switch broadband provider, checking the speed of your current provider is vital.

Taking into account the speed of the package you are interested in is super important.

As the last thing you want is to switch broadband provider and the speed to have drastically dropped.

Especially if your family are gamers, or love to watch Netflix or YouTube.

You do not want to opt for an ADSL package if you have multiple users in the household connecting to Wi-Fi, as this will be far too slow.

how to switch broadband provider

A fibre of fibre plus package will be much more suited, as this amount of bandwidth can support a number of connected devices and provide much faster speeds.

This typically doesn’t cause much of an issue now in 2019 though as most providers offer relatively high speeds even in rural areas.

We do always recommend checking beforehand though to ensure you are able to get a decent speed.

Change Broadband Providers

Once you have established all of the above, then the only thing left to do is switch your broadband provider.

This can be done effortlessly online, by simply locating the package you are interested in, then filling out the details provided.

If you are currently with the likes of EE, BT and Plusnet, then you will already have a BT line installed into your property.

Which means that you do not need to pay a setup fee as long as you are switching to another provider with a BT line.

Virgin packages do require a setup fee as these run from a much faster line than the other providers, so an engineer charge will apply.

You can also switch broadband provider over the phone, simply give you new provider a quick call and they will be more than happy to help.

However, we would greatly appreciate if you would be so kind as to sign up through one of our affiliate links on our broadband reviews page.

As this earns us a small commission and helps us keep posting content.

We hope you have enjoyed our how to switch broadband provider post, feel free to share if we have helped you with this question.

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