Hyperoptic Broadband Review 2019

Hyperoptic home broadband review

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Overview

Hyperoptic is not as well known as other providers here in the UK, they formed in 2011 but in recent years have started to really expand.

In this Hyperoptic broadband review we will be looking at what makes Hyperoptic broadband special, from their incredible 1GB speeds, to cost and reliability.

We also show the best Hyperoptic broadband deals making it easy for you to choose the correct package for your needs.

They are able to offer gigabit speeds through using their own fibre built network, they don’t use copper wire for ADSL and instead, work only with fibre cables.

Their fibre cables run directly into your home, meaning there are less latency and a lot faster speeds than you would find with the likes of EE, Sky and even Virgin.

One of the main downfalls of Hyperoptic is that it is not widespread across the UK yet, so you will be lucky to be able to take them up on their offers.

Their services are only actually available in around 350,000 homes here in the UK, however, you can express and interest on the website and hopefully they will become available in your area soon.

They are by no means the only provider offering 1GB speeds, Gigaclear also offers this service but are more widespread, especially in rural areas.

Hyperoptic also offers rolling contracts, however, if you take up one of their packages on a 12-month contract, the value for money becomes very good.

Let’s take a closer look at the plans they offer..

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Packages

Hyperoptic keep it simple when it comes to their packages, they have 3 to offer and also do not require you to take the home phone with them either.

So if you currently have a landline and use it, maybe you have an email that you would like to keep with your existing provider? This isn’t a problem.

The packages Hyperoptic offer are:

Hyperoptic only offers fibre connection, meaning if you are considering them as a provider then you have a need for speed.

The plans are designed at those who have multiple devices connected in their homes, especially gamers or those who work from home.

All packages have completely unlimited usage, meaning you can download until your heart desires.

No data limits too, meaning they don’t traffic manage so at peak times you won’t see the speeds decrease.

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Coverage

So when it comes to the coverage of Hyperoptic broadband, this is one of their main downfalls.

As previously mentioned they are only available in around 350,000 homes in the UK, however you can easily register your interest on their website.

We did test 20 different postcodes from around the UK and found that only 3 were available for their services.

hyperoptic broadband review

If you live in a city, then the chances are much more likely, however if your out in the sticks, and require super-fast speeds, then you will want to check out our Gigaclear home broadband review.

We always recommend checking your postcode on the AVAILABILITY CHECKER or in the widget on the side of this page.

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Performance

Hyperoptic broadband does offer home phone services with their broadband packages, however, it is not mandatory.

Their home phone works by plugging your phone into the Hyperhub router that you will receive as part of their package.

The phone service is provided as a voice over IP (broadband), meaning they use your broadband as a means of making the calls, pretty cool.

Providing you have taken a broadband and phone plan, the call features they offer are:

  • Called Display Option
  • Call Waiting Option
  • Call Barring Option
  • Barring:
    – Calls to UK mobile starting with 07
    – Calls to International numbers starting with 001
    – Calls to premium-rate numbers starting with 09

Hyperoptic created their broadband packages with home phone in mind, meaning that the call quality is super clear and as long as your Wi-Fi is connected then your phone will be alive and well.

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One of the main benefits is that you don’t need a line installed, so if you can get Hyperoptic in your area, then you are automatically eligible for their home phone services as they run purely from Wi-Fi.

You can check out their Home Broadband and Phone packages HERE.

Hyperoptic Fibre Connection

You may be surprised to hear, but Hyperoptic are actually extremely good value for money providing you can have it in your area.

The most basic Fibre package offers 30MB/sec with free installation and activation fee.

This package is priced at £20, which is actually cheaper than most providers’ standard ADSL package.

hyperoptic broadband review

This is because they don’t rent the line from BT or any other network, running purely from their own fibre lines it makes the ability to offer fast fibre for incredibly cheap.

As mentioned this plan is completely unlimited usage, with no data caps or traffic management, so consistent reliable speeds are guaranteed.

Hyperoptic 150 Fibre Connection

This Fibre package offers very fast speeds of 150MB/sec; this is very fast and more than enough for the average household, even with multiple devices connected.

Perfect for family homes with Xbox’s and PlayStations that are constantly hooked up to Wi-Fi, again with no download limits or data usage that is as you would expect for this plan.

Priced at £27 per month, which is around the price of EE and Sky’s fibre packages that generally run around 36MB/sec.

One key point with Hyperoptic broadband is that their download and upload speeds are the same, which is brilliant as you can expect the best of both streaming and uploading files.

Hyperoptic 1GB Fibre Connection

So this is the package that everyone who has Hyperoptic talks about, the 1GB upload and download speed plan.

This plan is seriously quick; you can expect to download a full HD movie in just over a minute.

The 1GB plan is perfect for those who work from home, and need a super-fast connection that will keep them connected throughout the day at lightning-fast speeds.

If you are eligible for this plan, then this is the one we recommend, as it is the reason people request Hyperoptic in their area and is very impressive.

This plan is priced at £46 per month, however, it will go up to £60 after the 12-month term, so we always recommend writing down your contract dates so you can negotiate a better deal at the end of the contract.

Even at £46 per month, this is less than what you would pay for the top end Virgin packages, and offers almost 3x the speed.

All things considered, the Hyperoptic broadband deals are impressive, allowing you to have incredibly fast speeds for a fair price here in the UK.

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Router

The router you will receive with all the Hyperoptic broadband packages is great, it is called the Hyperhub.

Hyperoptic specifically opting for a wired connection, as is when the Hyperhub performs best, available of providing speeds up to 1GB/sec.

Wireless connection will not get this same high-speed performance; this is down to the distance and interference from other devices in the home.

hyperoptic router review

The router automatically downloads the latest software from Hyperoptic, so once you have it installed and set up you don’t need to touch it.

It looks pretty cool too, it’s a decent size and the colour white, will blend into modern builds nicely.

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Data Caps

Hyperoptic offer completely unlimited downloading with all of their plans, this is ideal for those that are always downloading movies or streaming.

Truly unlimited broadband at this speed means you can download Netflix movies in a matter of seconds; full HF isn’t a problem for speeds that are this quick.

They also have no traffic management either, so you can expect full-throttle speeds throughout the day no matter if its at peak time or weekends. 

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Setup

Getting set up with Hyperoptic is easy, that is providing it is available in your area.

As previously mentioned they are only available in 350,000 homes throughout the UK, but Hyperoptic is keen to expand this in coming years.

On their website you can view the amount of interest that has been expressed, and express yours too, meaning the likely hood of them coming to you increases.

If you are lucky enough to be able to benefit from this ISP, then a Hyperoptic engineer will need to come out to your home and install a ‘Hyperoptic Socket’.

This appointment usually takes around 30 minutes and is very quick and painless, they arrange a date that is suited to you, and then can usually have you set up within 14 days after installation.

The good thing with this ISP is that they offer a completely free set up for new customers signing into a 12-month term.

However, if you are not planning on signing up to a 12-month contract, there will be a £40 activation fee. 

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Customer Service

 When it comes to customer services Hyperoptic seem to be very good, we called them for a chat to gather some information for this Hyperoptic broadband review.

Pleasantly greeted by a young man who gave us lots of detailed information on their plans to expand to around 5 million homes in the next 10 years.

They have a 24/7-customer support team that will also help with any of your queries around home broadband, and they also have a live chat feature on their website.

As with all service providers we did read some stories of missed engineer dates on forums, however this is to be said for every ISP out there with complaints being a part of the world we live in.

For the most part, reviews were strong, and the speeds they offer seem to have generated them a loyal customer base that speaks very highly of them.

Hyperoptic Broadband Review: Summary

So is Hyperoptic worth the money in 2019?

Well if you are looking for the fastest speeds in the UK, then yes.

Hyperoptic broadband offer some exceptional value for money packages, the ISP is practically made for people who work from home and demands high speeds with a very reliable ISP.

Gamers and those who download lots of big files will love this service too, we would be with this provider ourselves if live in an area that could have the service.

In general, the Hyperoptic broadband deals are impressive, offering serious value for money when it comes to the price of their packages.

One downfall here is that they do not offer TV packages, maybe this will come in the future and we guess that the primary focus is on expansion right now.

Not needing a phone line is a cool feature too, meaning you’re not forced into having a landline that you don’t need or use.

Overall Hyperoptic are certainly one of the best providers in the UK, it’s just a shame about the coverage right now, in coming years we expect the customer base to explode and the ISP will become a household name.

So if not available in your area, feel free to check out our other Home Broadband reviews.

We hope you have enjoyed our Hyperoptic broadband review, feel free to leave a comment and give us some feedback as we are always looking for new ways to improve.

(If you consider signing up for Hyperoptic Home Broadband and could do so by following through on one of the links we provided. This may earn us a small commission to help Tech Blogs like us bring you more reviews weekly.)

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