The 4 Best Camera Features on the iPhone13

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Is the iPhone13 the best iPhone Ever?

With the news of the release date of the iPhone13, we all expect bigger and better things and Apple rarely disappoint. The camera is always an area where Apple makes improvements and in this latest release, there are new features on offer worth looking at. Below are some of the most interesting features that could make your experience a lot better.

Cinematic Mode

This new Cinematic Mode is the biggest upgrade. With this comes the ability to Focus Rack which enables users to alter the focus from one object to another during a shot. It has been seen on other phones but this is the first time that Apple has added it to their devices.

The clever feature uses smart algorithms that have been designed based on classic cinematography which means that they have the ability to work out the typical Focus Rack based on the scene you are filming. While you might not realise that you need this, once you begin to see how it transforms your filming, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. 

Macro Mode

There are plenty of phones with excellent Macro Modes such as the Huawei P30 Pro but iPhones have been lacking in this functionality. Fortunately, Apple has fixed this by giving the iPhone13 some nifty macro features using the ultra-wide camera. The camera comes with a bright f/1.8 aperture as well as a 120 degree field of view while the lens has a new design and an autofocus that enables it to focus on subjects as close as 2cm away.

Furthermore, these features can also be used in video mode and that includes slo-mo and time-lapse mode. The images taken using this new mode look hugely impressive and will give budding photographers even more scope to get creative with their device.

Photographic Styles

While this might seem like a relatively basic tool, it is rather hand. These are much like Adobe Lightroom that allows you to create a certain look for your images, although it has to be done at the point of shooting your shot as opposed to after they are taken. This lets their smart algorithms get to work, deciding what parts of the image should be tweaked. There are four to choose from but they will give you the scope to take some great shots. 

Apple ProRes

This is rumoured to be coming out on the iPhone13 Pro Series later this year but this compressed video format will be easier to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro without the loss of detail. While further details are still yet to be released, the company has said that users will be able to record in 4k/20p ProRes files unless you are using the 128GB model, which then means you will be shooting in 1080p/30p video.

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