New Smartphones to Get Excited About in 2021

New Lg Rollable Device

So Samsung has upped the ante in the ultra-premium 5G smartphone category with the official unveiling of the Galaxy S21 range – something we teased in a previous article.

But never fear, phone fans. Samsung’s launch simply kickstarts what is set to be a bumper year of smartphone releases. Here’s a round up of some of the forthcoming releases we’re most excited about.

LG Rollable

Fresh on the back of being named Best Mobile Innovation at Android Authority’s CES 2021 Top Picks Awards, we have to admit that we are just as intrigued by this one, too. The Rollable concept is something LG teased at the launch of its Wing model last year – a standard-shaped handset with roll-slide screen extensions. Clearly one intended to capitalise on the growing popularity of mobile video streaming (or holding Zoom meetings on the go), there’s no launch date pencilled in as yet and details remain scarce, but certainly one to watch out for.

TCL 20 5G

Another phone to win a gong at the CES 2021 Top Pick Awards, this time for Best Affordable Phone, and welcome news for anyone looking for 5G connectivity without having to take out a mortgage to buy a handset. Already available in Europe for €299, the TCL 20 5G looks a solid all rounder with a nippy Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 chipset and 6GB of RAM, 128GB storage and a non-too-shabby triple camera array plus obligatory front mounted selfie lens. But the star attraction is, of course, 5G connectivity at a more than reasonable price.

The Samsung Galaxy z flip 3 Smartphone
The Samsung Galaxy z flip 3 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 / Fold 3

Innovative form factors are all the rage in smartphone development and Samsung is known to be putting a lot of focus on the dual Z Flip and Z Fold range. If the rumours are correct, we can expect to see the third iteration of the clamshell Z Flip 3 as early as February, which would put it 12 months after the launch of the Flip 2. The even more innovative horizontal opening Z Flip 3 is expected to follow any time from the summer onwards, and is expected to feature support for the S Pen.


Finally, yes you did read that right – 2021 is reportedly the year that the iconic Blackberry will be resurrected! Again! If you’re getting a slight feeling of deja vu at this news, then let’s just remind ourselves that TCL did as recently as 2017 buy the rights to the Blackberry brand and launch a series of Android smartphones with physical keyboards, which included the Blackberry KeyOne and Key2. But as of last year, TCL stopped supporting any Blackberry devices and effectively the project was over.

But now, Onward Mobility has decided to take up the mantle once more. There is little detail to go on just yet, but what Onward Mobility is promising is a 5G-ready device with the classic Blackberry physical keyboard, and that the new version will again run on Android. Can a Blackberry updated for the smartphone age make it this time? We know we’re excited to find out!

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