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Now Home Broadband Review: Overview

In this Now Broadband review, we go over what makes this provider a contender for your next ISP, as well as showcasing the best Now Broadband deals that are available right now.

NOW TV are primarily known for selling TV passes, generally an application that you can download on your TV, purchase a week pass, then benefit from some awesome channels without paying a premium price.

But did you know they also provide Home Broadband?

Well in this review we will be going over what makes them stand out from the crowd, giving you all of the information needed to make an informed decision on your next ISP.

Aimed at students or those with short tenant agreements, with their 30 days contracts, allowing you to cancel whenever you like.

NOW also offer some pretty cool TV bundles, allowing you to benefit from channels like ‘Sky Cinema and Sky Sports’ without signing into an agreement with Sky directly.

They almost always seem to have some eye-catching Now Broadband deals too, right now they will throw in 6 months NOW TV Entertainment pass with every broadband package they sell.

All packages are totally unlimited too, meaning you are free to download until your heart’s content.

Switching couldn’t be easier too, NOW handle everything, and if you are currently with EE, BT, Plusnet or TalkTalk you won’t even need to speak to your provider.

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer..

Now Home Broadband Review: Packages

NOW packages aren’t going to blow your socks off, however, they do offer 3 packages that would suit the needs of anyone interested in using their service.

Once you choose your package, they then ask you how long you would like it for, either 12-months or a 30-day rolling contract.

You then decide whether you would like a phone plan included, but we will get to that later.

The packages that NOW offer are as follows:

If you are a student, someone who is travelling or simply don’t want to be tied up in a 12-month contract, then the 30-day option could be perfect for you.

The 30-day packages give you the flexibility to dip in and out without paying hefty cancellation charges.

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Of course, the 30-day rolling option does have a higher upfront cost, but this is to be expected, as you are not committing to the service.

NOW also promise not to bump the price up mid-contract either, so if you do device that 12-month is right for you, the price quoted will be the price for the full year.

Now Home Broadband Review: Coverage

One huge benefit of choosing NOW as a home broadband provider is that they use an Openreach line.

This is great news as Openreach currently have 91% coverage across the UK, and supply home broadband to over 16 million homes across the UK.

This means that if you are currently being supplied by an ISP that also run from a BT line, such as; Plusnet, TalkTalk, BT or EE, then the switching process is extremely easy and you will not need an engineer visit.

We always recommend checking if you are eligible by either using the widget on the sidebar of our website or the AVAILABILITY CHECKER.

Now Home Broadband Review: Performance

If you’re still using a landline in 2019, then you will be pleased to know that NOW broadband comes with a landline bundled in.

The packages are very simple and easy to use:

  • Pay As You Go – This plan does what it says on the tin, you only pay for your calls when you make them. So if you’re not a frequent user of your landline then this is probably the one to go for.
  • Evening and Weekends – This plan gives you inclusive landline calls between 7 pm and 7 am Monday to Friday, and all day Saturday Sunday too.
  • Anytime Calls – This plan gives you any time calls to landlines, perfect for those who require a landline for business use, or maybe you just have a chatty family.

When placing your order you will also be prompted if you would like to keep your current landline number.

This is great as it means not starting fresh with a new number you will need to dish out to everyone, just be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this prompt when following through the site.

now home broadband review

The home phone packages aren’t anything that will blow your mind, certainly not as extensive as what you would find with the likes of BT.

That being said we love the fact that they keep it nice and simple, and if your not one who uses the landline service very often, you won’t need to pay for any add-ons and can pay as you go.

Let’s have a more detailed look over their home broadband plans…

NOW Brilliant Broadband

This package is the most basic that NOW offer, it is standard ADSL broadband which gives you download speeds of 11MB/sec.

Aimed at those who don’t use home broadband very much, the brilliant broadband package is enough for general browsing of social media, watching videos on YouTube and streaming the odd movie.

Currently priced at £18 per month, with a free set up fee providing you have a BT line installed and take a 12-month contract, this is a pretty competitive price.

That being said if your downloading HD movies from Netflix, you will find that it takes around 30 seconds to fully load, this does depend largely on the distance from your telephone exchange.

Thankfully the package is truly unlimited, so download as much as you like, whenever you like.

This package is for those that are connecting 1-3 devices in their home, anything more than this and you will find that speeds significantly decrease and you may find yourself regarding up to the fibre package.

NOW Fab Fibre Broadband

This package is aimed at those who require a little more speed, giving users an average of 36MB/sec, perfect for those who have 3-5 connected devices in their home.

Fab Fibre broadband is currently priced at £25 perm month, with a completely free set up fee providing you have a BT line and take a 12-month contract.

No random price hikes are guaranteed with NOW broadband too, so you can expect the price to say the same for the full contract.

now home broadband review

That being said they generally do increase the price after the contract has ended, so always keep an eye on the dates and be sure to renegotiate at the end of the term.

This package also comes with ‘Broadband Buddy’, this is NOW’s basic security package that enables you to ensure that your kids cannot go onto any potentially damaging websites.

Giving you full control over the content that users can see when connected to your home broadband.

NOW Super Fibre Broadband

The Super Fibre package is the best package that NOW offers, with an average speed of 63MB/sec.

The speeds here still aren’t great, so if you do require faster speeds then you will want to check out our EE and Virgin Home Broadband review.

This plan again comes with Broadband Buddy, giving you full parental controls over the service.

Priced at £30 per month, with a free set up fee on a 12-month deal, this plan is decent value for money, however the likes of EE and Hyperoptic offer much better.

This plan is for those who have kids that connect multiple devices to the Wi-Fi, the likes of Xbox’s and PlayStations.

You will find that even with this plan, the speeds aren’t the best when multiple devices are connected; HD movies will still take around 15 seconds to load.

Now Home Broadband Review: Router

When signing up to either of the NOW broadband packages, you will be sent out a Hub Two, which is the hub that connects your household to the internet.

The Now Broadband router is a dual-band 802.11ac router with two 1GB LAN ports, you will need to set the router up yourself, but it does come with instructions and is very easy.

We always recommend plugging the router into the master phone socket, as this is where the signal is strongest and will deliver the best results.

The Now Broadband router is extremely small and thin, so it won’t take up too much room in your house, usually the colour black so it can often blend in and not be too much of an eye saw.

Now Home Broadband Review: TV

As mentioned previously NOW are mostly known for their TV passes, so of course, they offer TV bundles in with their home broadband.

They offer 4 different kinds of passes that can be added on:

  • Entertainment Pass – This gives users live channels, and on-demand programmes from ABC Studios, Comedy Central, Discovery, Fox, Gold, MTV, Nat Geo Wild, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, Sky Witness, Sci-Fi and Viceland.
  • Sky Cinema Pass – This pass gives live Sky Cinema channels and more than 1000 movies to watch on-demand at any time.
  • Sky Sports Pass – This pass gives access to all of Sky Sports, again both live and on-demand, ideal if you’re into footy or other sports entertainment.
  • Kids Pass – The kid’s pass gives live and on-demand shows from Boomerang, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon Junior, Nick Toons.

So as you can see NOW offer a range of FANTASTIC TV passes, this is one of the main attractions of taking NOW home broadband.

They offer a range of passes for all of the family, even giving you the flexibility to cancel it once you have seen what you wanted.

now home broadband review

They even do 1 day passes too, meaning that you literally only need to buy a pass for a very short amount of time and don’t need to pay steep prices of a full TV package with the likes of Sky.

Now Home Broadband Review: Data Caps

All of the broadband packages from NOW are truly unlimited, allowing you to download as much as you like, when you like.

They also don’t have any sneaky traffic management policies or any random price spikes throughout your contract.

 This is the case with most providers in 2019, traffic managing is generally a thing of the past, but it’s nice to know that your speeds won’t slow down at peak times.

Now Home Broadband Review: Setup

Providing you currently have a BT line installed, switching to NOW broadband is extremely simple.

NOW will contact your current provider and inform them that you are switching, meaning you won’t have to lift a finger to get set up.

No engineer visit is required either if you already have a line, so all they need to do is simply swap over the line from your current ISP.

If you do require an engineer visit, there will be a new line charge of £60, this is to ensure that the Openreach engineer installs a BT line into your property.

Speeds generally fluctuate for a week or two but you can expect them to settle down shortly after you are set up, usually around the 14-day mark.

Now Home Broadband Review: Customer Service

We spoke to NOW to gather as much information as possible around this review and found them extremely helpful.

They have a 24/7 live chat system on their website which is extremely quick to source the answer to your questions whilst being very easy to use.

NOW also have a call centre, so we phoned them up for a quick chat to see what TV bundles they offer.

We were greeted with a customer services representative who was more than happy to assist us with our queries; he was super friendly and wasn’t pushing sales on us either.

Overall we were impressed by the customer service here, although due to it being a smaller company that the likes of BT and Virgin, we did find that it took a while to be connected to an agent.

Now Home Broadband Review: Summary

So is NOW broadband worth considering?

Well if you’re looking for an ISP that allows you lots of flexibility by allowing you to sign into a 30-day term, then yes.

One thing we thought was great too is that they don’t run credit checks, so it completely hassle-free switching from your current provider.

The TV packages that NOW offer are great too, the fact you can simply buy a day pass for your favourite channel is incredible and saves from spending a premium price all year round for a comprehensive TV deal.

The Now Broadband router is impressive, it looks good and won’t look like a random chunk of metal in your living room, instead of fitting in stylishly to fit your interior design.

That being said if you work from home or are a serious gamer, then this probably isn’t going to be the best option for you as they simply don’t offer super-fast speeds.

If you do have a need for speed, then we recommend checking out our EE and Virgin Home Broadband reviews before making a decision.

We hope you have enjoyed our Now Home Broadband review, and feel free to leave a comment and even share if you like the post, also check out the best Now Broadband deals by clicking on the link we provided.

(If you consider signing up for NOW Home Broadband and could do so by following through on one of the links we provided. This may earn us a small commission to help Tech Blogs like us bring you more reviews weekly.)

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