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Google Pixel Buds Review Score 55%

Google Pixel Buds Review

The Google Pixel Buds are a set of wireless, but not truly wireless headphones. With built in Google translator and Assistant to help you when you travel, or give you weather and football updates on demand. They have impressive battery life and sound quality too, however they have a lot of flaws, and we hope the Pixel Buds 2 are going to be better.

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Sonos One Review UK Score 85%

Sonos One Review UK

The Sonos One speaker is a fantastic smart speaker that integrates easily with both Google assistant and Amazon Alexa, with exceptional sound quality and a clean design, whats not to love?

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Huawei Freebuds Review UK Score 75%

Huawei Freebuds Review UK

The Huawei Freebuds are a fantastic pair of wireless headphones that can be the perfect fit for any gym bag. Especially those that own an Android device, not only do they sound great but they also have a slick design and a great fit. They are feature packed and sound exceptional especially on voice calls, making them ideal for business users who are on voice calls a lot of the day.

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Apple HomePod Review UK Score 75%

Apple HomePod Review UK

The AppleHome Pod is a 2018 smartspeaket that brings lots to the table. With its incredible sound quality to matter what the volume and the Siri integration which helps with everyday tasks. That being said is this smart speaker worth the hefty price tag? You decide.

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Amazon Echo Plus Review UK Score 70%

Amazon Echo Plus Review UK

The Amazon Echo Plus is a 2018 smart speaker that has built-in Alexa. This allows you to control smart tech around your house by using your own voice, this device also doubles up as an impressive speaker. Offering great bass, clarity and volume to see you through the weekend.

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Amazon Echo Show 5 Review UK Score 50%

Amazon Echo Show 5 Review UK

The Amazon Echo Show 5 is small smart speaker with a built in 5.5-inch display. We love how cheap this device is and that it still has access to Alexa, which helps with everyday tasks to buying everyday essentials.

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Google Home Max Review UK Score 80%

Google Home Max Review UK

The Google Home Max is an exceptional smart speaker that can not only help you plan and manage your day, but also get the party started when needed. This speaker offers the best of both, and is even compatible with other smart tech that you may have in your home, although it does have a rather hefty price tag.

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Apple Airpods 2 Review UK Score 90%

Apple Airpods 2 Review UK

The Apple Airpods 2 are an impressive set of wireless headphones, offering plenty features that the original Airpods have, but more. With voice activation from Siri, better sound quality and longer battery life. Anyone with an iPhone who is looking to purchase a set of quality wireless headphones will enjoy our comprehensive review.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Review UK Score 85%

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review UK

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are a set of wireless headphones that are perfect for anyone looking for convenience coupled with incredible sound quality. The buds are packed full of features, from ambient sound controls to a dedicated app where you can tamper with the sound and adjust it to exactly how you like.

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