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plusnet broadband only

Plusnet Broadband Review: Overview

Plusnet as a Home Broadband provider prides themselves on the level of customer service that they offer, along with their very low prices and contract flexibility.

Just like EE, Plusnet is under the BT group, but the main difference here is that Plusnet doesn’t lock you in an 18-month contract and don’t require you to switch your landline either.

Plusnet broadband-only deals are impressive, offering you a cheap service that has the capacity to keep you connected at all hours of the day.

Plusnet prides themselves on being flexible, that’s why they also offer an option to not sign into a contract and ‘Pay As You Go’, of course, these prices are slightly higher, but it means if you don’t want to sign into a contract then you don’t have to.

At one point Plusnet was known to have the ‘UK’s cheapest broadband’ and they still do offer some extremely competitive prices, in this review we will be going over the packages that they offer, the speeds, how easy it is to set up and more.

In the Home Broadband world, Plusnet isn’t exactly top of the food chain, they are with the likes of TalkTalk, Post Office and First Utility.

With all of these packages Plusnet will give you stable consistent speeds (you can do a Plusnet broadband speed test on their site) along with an impressive router, all packages are unlimited and at no point to they cap the data or slow the speeds down.

Plusnet Broadband Review: Packages

Plusnet’s Home Broadband packages are extremely basic so you won’t get confused here; let’s take a look at what speeds each package offers:

So they offer a range of different speeds for each type of customer, whether you’re a rare user of the web and use it primarily for browsing social media and connecting to Wi-Fi to save on mobile data.

We always recommend running a plusnet broadband speed test on the website first, to determine which speeds you are eligible for and decide the package for you.

They also offer packages to suit customers who need a little bit more speed, for those who have children that hook there Xbox or PlayStation up to the Wi-Fi and have multiple devices connected.

plusnet broadband only


Now because Plusnet is owned by BT, this means that they are widely available in most homes across the UK, more than 30 million to be exact.

So the likely hood of you being able to get Plusnet broadband is pretty high, you can type your postcode into their PLUSNET BROADBAND CHECKER just to be sure.

If you live in a rural area then you may find that Plusnet isn’t available in your area, you can, however, put your postcode down on the register for them to evaluate and decide if they would be coming to your area in the future.

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We recommend checking out some of our other Home Broadband reviews if Plusnet is not available in your area as we go through every major provider in the UK, giving you an honest and in-depth review.

If you live in a city or mainland then there is a strong chance that Plusnet will cover your area as it is based on the safe infrastructure of BT.

Plusnet Broadband Review: Performance

One awesome feature about Plusnet’s Home Broadband packages are that they do not require you to take a landline with them, meaning if your happy with your landline or have your email address linked, you can bag a fantastic Plusnet broadband-only package.

Of course, Plusnet offers a landline but if you don’t have a BT line already installed, there is a fee of £50 to send an engineer out to fit one.

Plusnet’s Home Phone add-ons are:

Unlimited UK & Mobile Calls – This add-on will allow you to make calls of up to 60 minutes to UK 01, 02 & 03 landline numbers, 0870/0845 and up to 2000 minutes worth of UK mobiles whenever you like. You will also be able to contact the Plusnet support team at any time. This plan will cost £8 per month

Anytime International – This plan gives you normal Unlimited UK calls (01, 02, 03, 0845 and 0870 numbers) and also offers 300 minutes per month of inclusive international calls to the top 35 international destinations. (Including mobile calls to USA and Canada) Hang up and redial before 60 minutes to keep the call free, this plan will cost £8 per month.

Evening & Weekend UK and Mobile – This includes UK 01, 02 and 03, 0845 and 0870 numbers and 1000 UK mobile minutes between 7 PM to 7 AM Monday to Friday, and all day at weekends. Hang up and redial before 60 minutes and you won’t be charged. This plan costs £4 per month

Plusnet does offer TV packages with their Home Broadband too, this is essentially a YouView box with Freeview and 20 entertainment channels, and you can, of course, add optional extras too.

Plusnet is still new to offering TV packages, so it’s far from the best out there. They don’t offer any Sky channels like Sky 1 or Sky movies and the catch up is very basic.

One thing worth noting though is that Plusnet does offer free BT sports with their TV package, which offers free premier league matches, ideal for those into their footy.

If you are interested in taking a package with your TV, then we recommend checking out our Sky Home Broadband review, as this is more of a bundled TV deal.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each package…

Plusnet Unlimited Package

This package is Plusnet’s most basic Home Broadband package, it’s ideal for those who want a cheap, flexible service whether it be a 30-day rolling contract or an 18/12-month.

With an average speed of 10MB its perfect for those who aren’t huge users of the web, and use the internet for browsing social media, watching videos here and there and downloading games too.

This package won’t blow you away with incredible speeds but it is more than capable of keeping you connected in your home and will be fine for households where there is not more than 3 devices connected at a time.

Currently prices at £18.99 on a 12-month contract this plan comes with a free activation fee as well as a £50 Plusnet Reward Card at the time of writing this review.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre

The Plusnet Fibre package is also at a very competitive price, £23.99 is what you would pay for an 18-month fibre package with an average speed of 36MB.

This price does, however, jump up to £34.98 after the 18-month term is over so we always recommend writing contract dates down in a calendar or at the very least setting a reminder on your mobile device.

That being said Plusnet promise to remind their customers when the contract is due to expire so you can then look at your options and hopefully get a cheaper price.

This package does also require an activation fee and unfortunately, Plusnet does not offer their fibre packages on 30-day contracts.

The Fibre package is suited to the customers who are connecting multiple devices to the Wi-Fi, with better speeds and the ability to watch HD videos without much buffering.

This package does come with Plusnet’s Hub One router, this looks very similar to BT’s home hub and supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, it also has four Gigabit Ethernet sockets and a USB connector giving it the ability to share USB drives and camera over the network.

We recommend this package if you have kids or simply require faster speeds as you watch lots of YouTube and Netflix at home.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra

This package is for the users who work from home or require stable, fast speeds. The Unlimited Fibre package is priced at £28 with a £5 setup fee and again can only be taken up on a 12 or 18-month contract.

The package is almost identical to the Fibre unlimited package other than it offers an average of 66MB; it also comes with the Plusnet Hub One router.

For the price you pay for Plusnet’s Fibre Packages, the router is actually very good, giving you the ability to connect the camera and other devices to it, making it easy to share information across devices.

Plusnet Broadband Review: Setup

Plusnet takes care of everything when it comes to switching from your current provider, you won’t need to even contact them.

Plusnet arrange a transfer of service date with your current provider which seamlessly swaps over on the arranged date without any loss of service.

All the packages offer Plusnet Safeguard; this filters any unsafe websites so you can decide what your household views on the web, making it ideal for those with kids to keep them safe from potentially damaging content.

Plusnet does not cap their download limits either, meaning you truly do have unlimited broadband, meaning you can download to your heart’s content.

plusnet home broadband review

Traffic management is also a thing of the past now for Plusnet, they no longer slow the speeds down at peak times, allowing you to run at the fastest speed possible all day no matter what time of the day it is.

We definitely recommend running your postcode through the Plusnet broadband checker before opting for this package, to ensure that you are eligible for this deal.

When it comes to the setup of each package, there is a line installation fee of £50 if you do not currently have a BT line installed, and £5 setup fee on each of the packages.

Plusnet Broadband Review: Customer Satisfaction:

Plusnet do customer service very well, and when speaking to them on the phone we found we were greeted with a friendly Yorkshire accent that gave us tons of information for this review.

The support team is on hand 24/7 either over the phone or on the website for any queries you may have regarding the home phone or broadband, we didn’t find them pushing for a sale either which was nice.

Plusnet Broadband Review: Summary

So what’s our conclusion of Plusnet’s Home Broadband?

Well, we think it’s a great option for those who don’t want to tie into a contract, the fact that they offer 30-day rolling contracts are great.

We also love that they don’t require you to sign up for them with your landline, meaning you can bag a nice Plusnet broadband-only deal.

As most people tend to have an email address that they would like to keep and Plusnet do not force you into losing that precious email.

We love the fact that they offer a Plusnet broadband speed test on their website, so you can see the speeds you are currently getting before you opt for one of their packages.

However the packages are rather basic, and if you’re a gamer or someone who works from home, then you should check out our Virgin or EE Home Broadband review as they offer faster speeds.

The TV packages aren’t going to win any gold medals either, but Plusnet are new to this and continually working on it, we if TV is your thing then you will want to check out our Sky Home Broadband review.

As mentioned we always recommend running your postcode through the Plusnet broadband checker before you get your hopes up, as if you’re in a rural area you may not be eligible for some of their plans.

Overall we were impressed, and if your looking for a cheap, contract and hassle-free broadband service then Plusnet could be the one for you.

(If you consider signing up for Plusnet Home Broadband and could do so by following through on one of the links we provided. This may earn us a small commission to help Tech Blogs like us bring you more reviews weekly.)

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