Post Office Home Broadband Review

ppost office broadband review

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Overview

In this Post Office broadband review we go over everything you need to know about this provider, as well as showcasing the best contract deals that they offer.

So when you think of the Post Office, you probably think of your gran popping down to send you a knitted jumper, or you may instantly think of a stamp.

Well, that’s exactly what we thought too, but did you know that the Post Office actually provide home broadband here in the UK?

Well yes, they do! The Post Office offers 3 different types of broadband, ADSL, Fibre and Fibre Plus, they are actually competing with the more mainstream providers now.

In this Post Office broadband review we will be going over the packages they offer, the price of each package, customer services and giving you all of the information you need to decide if the post office could be your next ISP.

The Post Office actually run from the same infrastructure as TalkTalk, so the service of the broadband will be very similar, with that being said the customer service and other aspects are very different.

They have a dedicated UK based customer service team, so your queries should be dealt with from within the UK, quickly and efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer…

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Packages

The Post Office doesn’t offer a range of super-fast fibre packages that you may find with the likes of EE and Virgin, however, they do offer something that would suit most of the UK.

If you are someone who works from home or demands super fast and reliable speeds, then we recommend checking out our other Home Broadband Reviews, as there is better value for money deals out there.

These are the three Post Office broadband contract deals at they offer..

As you can see, the packages aren’t the most comprehensive, however, the Post Office isn’t targeting those who need lighting fast fibre.

If you are considering the Post Office as your provider, the cost is probably your main driver, the speeds here won’t blow your socks off, but the price might.

post office home broadband review

We love the fact that you can choose the contract length too, the 30-day rolling contract would have been nice but most providers have tried to stay well clear of this.

All packages also come with Post Office Safeguard, which keeps your computer or laptop safe from any malware.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Coverage

Just like most home broadband providers now, they run from an Openreach line, meaning if you do not have one currently an engineer would need to come out to install one.

That being said, if you are currently with the likes of BT, EE or Plusnet, then the switching is super easy for you, and the Post Office will handle everything for you.

The good news is that BT (Openreach) cover 91% of the UK, meaning the chances of you being able to obtain broadband from the Post Officer is highly likely.

BT Openreach are currently in over 16 million homes too, so you may already have a BT line installed, unless you are with Virgin or some other ISP’s.

We always recommend checking your postcode in our postcode checker widget on the sidebar, or you can use the AVAILABILITY CHECKER instead.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Performance

The Post Office also offer home phone services with all of their packages, one thing that you should note is that they do not have broadband-only deals.

Meaning that if you are considering taking home broadband from this provider, then this requires you to switch your landline too.

You can keep your home phone number, simply place it in the box when filling out the setup form on their website.

They also offer some pretty good call features too:

  • Voicemail (1571) – £0
  • Called Display – £0
  • Last Called (1471) – £0
  • Call Divert – £2.50
  • Auto Redial – £2.50
  • Incoming Call Alert – £2.50
  • Voicemail Plus – £2.25
  • Select To Reject – £3.42
  • Reject Anonymous Numbers – £4.08

If you are someone who uses your home phone, you may be better offer bundling some of the call features, some of the features can be bundles in your plan for cheaper prices:

  • £2.50/month for one
  • £4/month for two
  • £5/month for three

One cool feature worth noting is that you can actually nominate 10 UK numbers to your ‘Loved Ones’ list, this gives you discounted rates when you call them.

Let’s take a look at the plans in more detail…

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Post Office Unlimited Broadband

This package is their most basic, it is standard ADSL that offers an average speed of 11MB/sec, this isn’t going to blow you away, but it can suffice for small households.

11MB is enough to ensure that 1-2 connected devices in your home are running smoothly, this package is aimed at those who don’t use the internet very much, and would like to benefit from unlimited usage when at home.

Currently Priced at £15.90 with a £0 set up fee, this is one of the cheapest prices on the market in quarter 1 of 2019, so if your looking for cheap broadband, then this could be your best bet.

That being said at the end of your 12-month contract, they will increase the price to £30 per month, so we always recommend keeping an eye on your contract dates so you can renegotiate a better deal.

The standard package includes line rental and is completely unlimited, so you can download until your heart’s content, giving you total freedom to download as many movies as you like.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Post Office Fibre Broadband  

The Fibre package is for customers that do require a little more speed; this package suits the needs of customers that have 2-4 connected devices at home.

It may be perfect for those that have kids, maybe they have Xbox’s and PlayStations hooked up to the broadband, and they complain about the connection dropping out, sounds like you need a better broadband package.

Just like the standard package, the fibre offers completely unlimited usage, meaning you can download as much as you like, whenever you like.

post office home broadband review

Line rental is included and the post office promise to keep the price quoted to you the same throughout the 12-month contract, so no mid-contract price increases.

Currently priced at £24 per month, giving you an average speed of 36MB at peak time, this is not a bad package when compared to the likes of BT and Virgin, however, they don’t offer any extras.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Post Office Fibre Plus Broadband

So the final and best package that the post office offer is their Fibre Plus package, this is the fastest and most expensive offer they have.

This package is currently priced at £30 per month and gives customers an average speed of 63MB/sec.

We recommend this package if you have 3-5 connected devices in your home, however, 63MB is still not the fastest when compared to some of the other well-known providers out there.

All packages include access to a UK based dedicated support team, that will help you with any queries regarding setup, or your service in general.

As you would expect with this package, it is totally unlimited and there is no random price increases during your contract.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Router

The Post Office offers two different types of router depending on the home broadband package you take with them.

Both routers are fairly similar, they certainly are not the most visually pleasing devices ever, but they get the job done.

They both come preconfigured, meaning you won’t need to mess around updating any software when they arrive, they also have wireless security settings and firewall automatically turned on.

The routers are completely free of charge and come delivered in the post when you take home broadband from the Post Office.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Data Caps

As previously mentioned, all of the Post Office’s packages are completely unlimited, they give you the freedom to download as much as you like when you like.

This has been implemented in recent years, as when the Post Office first launched their service, they used to cap the data usage.

They do have a fair usage policy; this is to ensure that you are receiving the fastest speeds possible at all times throughout the day.

Fair usage policy is common across providers in the UK, to spread the amount of usage out between each home, ensuring the fastest and most reliable speed possible.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Setup

Getting set up with the Post Office home broadband is easy, that it providing you already have a BT line installed in your property.

If not don’t worry, the Post Office will arrange for an Openreach engineer to pay a visit to your property to install one for you, however, this does cost £50.

After you place your order, you will be sent out the router, a welcome pack and instructions on how to set up your router.

You can expect your broadband to be live after 10 days of receiving your order confirmation.

We did find it strange how on their standard ADSL plan they offered a free setup, but on the fibre and fibre plus plans, they were charging a £10 set up fee.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Customer Service

So you may be thinking this all sounds good, but how does there customer services team fair up?

Well they have had a rocky start, when they first switched from TalkTalk network, they switched their customer services team too, and it didn’t work out too well.

Thankfully they have switched again, and their call centres are now based out of Scotland.

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Back in 2016 they were the most complained about home broadband provider, now they are the fourth out of seventeen providers, meaning they still have a way to go.

Every company has complaints, and it’s just trying to read between the lines to decide if that figure will put you off, they have improved drastically from when they first started, but the likes of Sky, EE and Virgin are all ahead of the Post Office.

Post Office Home Broadband Review: Summary

So is it worth switching to the Post Office as a home broadband provider?

Well if you’re looking for cheap, then definitely, they are one of the cheapest providers in the UK right now.

That being said they are cheap for a reason, the customer service reports are questionable, to say the least, and the speeds are not going to blow you away.

However, if you are someone who is simply looking for a provider to benefit from unlimited download usage, and don’t tend to download tons of HD movies every day.

Then this could be the provider for you, the Post Office has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, but your money may be better well spent with the likes of EE or Plusnet.

We hope you have enjoyed our Post Office broadband review, feel free to check out the best contract deals that they offer at the top of the post.

(If you consider signing up for a Post Office Home Broadband contract deals and could do so by following through on one of the links we provided. This may earn us a small commission to help Tech Blogs like us bring you more reviews weekly.)

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