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In this Samsung Galaxy Buds review we go over everything you need to know about the earphones, as well as showcasing todays best deals.

To buy the Samsung earbuds it is £139 here in the UK, the Samsung buds offer a comfortable fit, bassy clean sound and an aesthetically pleasing design.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds release dare was back on March 8th of 2019 and were given to those who pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10e or a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

These wireless headphones make life more convenient for music lovers, with no wires or hassle getting connected.

The Samsung Buds are packed full of impressive features, helping you make the most out of these headphones. Ensuring you can tune the sound specifically to your liking, more on that shortly.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds do have competition though, as Apple has released their Apple Airpods that work on Android devices too.

Lets take a closer look at what the buds have to offer..


So as mentioned the Samsung Galaxy Buds design is extremely aesthetic, these things look slick, comfortable and like they mean business.

Unlike the Airpods the Samsung Galaxy Buds are actually available in three different colours, White, Black or Yellow.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a white pair for this review, and we cant lie we loved rocking these with our white Samsung Galaxy S10 in the gym.

Each bud weighs a mere 5.6g, making them super light weight and feeling weightless when in your ears.

At first we thought we would have trouble losing them because we hardly even noticed them when in the ear, however after placing them in we soon realised they fit snug.

Even when running on a treadmill the Samsung Galaxy Buds feel super comfortable and stable in your ear, not once did they fall out even when really going for it on the treadmill.

The buds also have an IPX2 rating, which means they will survive the off splash of water or sweat if you’ve been hitting it hard.

The Galaxy Buds come with spare parts too, a plastic hook that ensures the buds wont come flying out of your ear at random point, and new gel pieces incase the current ones start to get a little gross.

samsung buds features

Image: Kārlis Dambrāns

We were surprised at just how comfy these buds feel in your ear, this is ideal as it ensures you can wear the buds for literally hours without having any aches or pains.

On the outside of each bud is a touch sensitive panel which is used to control the playback menu, play and pause tracks easily as well as skipping tracks you don’t enjoy too.

These buttons can also be used to take calls or summon Bixby if you want to quickly check the footy score or the weather.

One annoyance we did find with these buttons however is that if you place your finger on the buds at all to adjust them slightly, you may find that you accidentally press a button that skips a track, this can get annoying when you’re an hour deep into your favourite DJ set on SoundCloud.

On each Samsung Galaxy Bud is a built in microphone, this is handy for taking calls and with the buds being so comfy to have in your ear, it becomes an enjoyable experience to have no wires attached or having to hold a mobile phone to your ear.

The final thing to mention with the buds is the charging case, which has a small LED light on the front to let you know when they are fully charged or still charging.

Unfortunately there is no way to tell how much charge the case has left in it, which would have been a nice added touch.

All in all the Samsung Galaxy Buds design is great, they looks super clean and are extremely light, making a great addition to your gym bag.


Getting set up with the Samsung Galaxy Buds is extremely easy, simply take the buds out of the charging case and providing you have the Bluetooth feature activated on your phone, they will pop right up.

The good thing about these buds is that you do not need an Android device for them to work, any phone is compatible so don’t worry if you have an iPhone.

Similar to how the Airpods connect instantly to an iPhone, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung Galaxy S10e, the buds will instantly pair to the phone.

This is extremely handy and convenient, as you don’t need to wait around for the buds to pair to your phone every time you wish to use them.

We found ourselves using them a lot more because of this, simply getting out of the car and walking to the store becomes much more enjoyable because you can instantly pair your headphones in a matter of seconds.

Now because the Samsung Galaxy Buds are an in ear device, this means they do a superb job at noise cancellation.

We found that we could just say make out conversation from people that were around us if we had the volume turned right down.

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Image: Kārlis Dambrāns

However with the volume on a medium to high setting this blocked out any external sounds and left us in our own little music bubble.

As mentioned the Samsung Galaxy Buds are touch sensitive, simply tap the bud once to stay playing music, single tap again to pause, double tap to skip to the next track.

Also triple tapping will skip you back a track and you can double tap to answer incoming calls, and long pressing will activate the voice assistant.

We did find that throughout this Samsung Galaxy Buds review we would sometimes miss the touch pad, however after a couple days of use we soon got used to the placement and found it an easy target to hit.

Taking the buds out of your ear will also stop the music from playing, this is handy if your in the gym and your buddy comes in for a quick conversation, you wont place your buds back in to find your 10 tracks forward.

There is also a Galaxy Wearable app that ensures that you make the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Buds.

The app has a couple of different options, with an equalizer, allowing you to switch between presets such as ‘Bass Boost’.

The app has an ‘Ambient Sound’ feature which can mix background noises in with the music, this is great and we found it useful when going for a jog.

This is because the app will play external sounds that can be used for safety reasons, moving cars etc.

The app also has a ‘Find My Earbuds’ feature, which does exactly what it says on the tin and allows you to track down your buds.

One feature we were impressed with is the Samsung Galaxy Buds battery life; we found that we would get up to six hours of music playback, or five hours on a voice call.

However the downfall is that the case only increased the battery of the buds to 13 hours or 11 on a call, and with the Airpods we are used to the pods being charged multiple times from a single charge of the case.

The advantage here over the Airpods is that the Samsung Galaxy Buds support wireless charging, meaning if you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 or the likes, you can turn on your reverse wireless charging feature and place your buds on top of the phone, and this will rapidly charge your Samsung Buds.

This is extremely handy and allows the two to work seamlessly with each other.

Considering that to buy the Samsung earbuds they are £139, we were extremely impressed with the amount of features they have.

Sound Quality

So what is the Samsung Galaxy Buds sound quality like? Well its actually incredibly good, especially considering the size of the buds.

Music sounds crisp, loud and incredibly bassy, especially when cranked up within the equalizer.

One of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Buds sound quality is definitely the noise isolation they give, ensuring that you cant hear anything else apart from the track you have playing.

We touched upon the ambient sound feature too, which is excellent to keep you alert when out for a run.

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Image: Tati Tata

The equalizer offers not just a Bass boost, but also Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble Boost, all sounding different to suite the type of music you are listening too.

That being said no matter what mode you play around with; you wont get the same level of sound quality as a pair of over-ear headphones.

Although when compared to the Airpods, we found them just as good if not better.

We really cant see you being disappointed in the sound quality of the buds as when combined with the snug fit, they are extremely enjoyable to have in your ear.


Are the Samsung Galaxy Buds worth your hard earned cash?

Well that depends, if you are looking for a great accessory to a Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10e, then certainly.

We absolutely love the design of these things and they look incredibly slick when in your ear.

They also fit great, ensuring that no matter how fast you run, which way you turn or how high you jump they definitely wont come randomly flying out of your ear.

The Samsung buds have some impressive features too, ambient sound to help you concentrate and keep you aware, as well as a cool equalizer that lets you tamper with the sound of the sound.

Battery life is impressive and we did get the whole six hours as advertised by Samsung. Alongside this the sound quality is awesome, and can easily be compared to the Apple Airpods.

Don’t get me wrong these pods are rather pricey, however if you are like me and absolutely love music, especially when working out.

Then these pods are a must, and make the perfect accessory to any Samsung, or any other phone for that matter.

We hope you have enjoyed our Samsung Galaxy Buds review, feel free to leave a comment and share if you have enjoyed.

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