Should You Buy A Wireless Phone Charger?

should you buy a wireless phone charger

Should You Buy A Wireless Phone Charger?

So you’ve just bought your brand new smartphone, and you know it has wireless charging.

So you’ve already bought a case, screen protector and spend a fortune on the contract plan, now your wondering should you buy a wireless phone charger?

Well, in this post we are going to go try and help you with that question, we are going to walk you through what you need to know before buying a wireless phone charger, and are they really worth it?

The amount of wireless phone chargers on offer in 2019 is increasing rapidly, with the Pixel Stand, Samsung fast charging pad and much more available.

They are a great way to conveniently place your phone on charge, without having to fumble around with a wire.

If you are anything like me, then fumbling around in the dark before you go to bed to put your phone on charge becomes frustrating after a night or two.

The number of people using wireless phone chargers has grown from 10% in December 2016 to over 40% in 2018 and rising.

So should you buy a wireless phone charger?

Let’s find out…


 So the first thing to look at when asking yourself should I buy a wireless phone charger is your budget.

Smartphones are expensive, and when you factor in a mobile phone case, screen protector and your data plan you’re wallet is probably screaming.

Phone providers do include a wireless phone charger in the box, however, this is only for their flagship models.

A wireless phone charger is definitely a luxury, it certainly isn’t a necessity, and you can always charge your phone from the supplied charger, which almost always comes in the box with the phone.

So, how much is a wireless phone charger?

Well, this depends on the phone you have, often they range from between £20 – £100, with the average being around £40.

should you buy a wireless phone charger
Image: Mikey Wu

The good thing about wireless phone chargers is that they can also be used for other wireless tech, such as smartwatches.

One of our favourite times using a wireless phone charger was charging an iPhone XS we had for a review, but we could also charge our Airpods, as well as Apple Watch Series 5.

This means you can charge multiple devices at once, making charging less of a chore and much more convenient.

Is Your Phone Wireless Charging Compatible?

Checking if your phone is compatible with wireless charging is vital, as the last thing you want to do is spend your money on a charger if you cannot use it.

Here is a list of some wireless charging compatible phones;

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • Google Pixel 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10 Plus
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Huawei P30
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
  • Apple iPhone XS & XS Max
  • Apple iPhone X

There are many more phones, which do support wireless charging, but do check this before making the purchase.

Phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro are brand new flagships in 2019, however, they do not support wireless charging.

The amount of phones in 2019 with wireless charging is rapidly increasing, this is become a consumer favourite due to the convenience of having no wires.

Power Output

Checking the power output of the wireless charger you are interested in is very important, as often we find that the cheaper ones have ridiculously low power.

Using a wired charger is usually a better alternative than using some of the cheap wireless chargers.

The power output essentially determines the speed in which your phone will charge, so if you’re looking for it to charge fast, then checking the numbers is vital.

So how do you know what is a good benchmark for power output?

Well, Apple’s current devices support 7.5W charging from certified products, but it is reduced to 5W with aftermarket chargers.

The fastest wireless charging speeds come from Android devices, with the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro supporting up to 30W.

This power output is ideal, as it not only gives you the convenience of not having wires but it also charges the phone incredibly quickly.

Opting for a wireless charger that has plenty of power ensures that your charger is future proof; meaning if you do purchase a new device the charger still has enough juice to charge this in years to come.

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Until recently, this has been the biggest downfall for wireless phone chargers; they have been slow and much slower than your standard wired charger.

However, the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Apple have all seriously upped there game, and now wireless charging is a luxury that is phenomenal.

One thing to note is that your wireless charger still needs to be plugged into the mains, meaning if you do have a 15W charger, but your power output from the main is only 5W, you are missing out on extra power from your charger.

Wireless Pad or Stand?

So when looking at buying a wireless phone charger, you also have the option of purchasing a stand.

This is not essential, and your wireless charger will work on just the pad it comes with, however there are some benefits of a charging pad.

One of our favourite to use is the Google Pixel Stand, this does much more than just stand your phone up, but we will leave that to the Google Pixel Stand Review.

should you buy a wireless phone charger
Image: Marco Verch

A stand usually costs an extra £10 – £20, but it does mean that you can still use your phone whilst charging, and it doesn’t need to be laid flat.

One benefit of using a stand is that you can usually place it on the stand without it being perfect, and because they use multiple coils it will still charge your phone.

So if you’re in a rush you can throw your phone on the charger, any old angle and it will still be juicing up.

However, using a pad is much better for charging other wireless devices, for example, Samsung Galaxy Buds or a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The surface area for the pad is much larger than you will find on a stand, which allows you to charge multiple phones at once if needed.

If you’re not fussed about this, then a stand may be a great additional purchase for your charger.

What To Look For In A Wireless Phone Charger?

So what should you look for in your wireless phone charger? Well, ideally you will want something which has plenty of power, which ensures that the charger is future proof.

As well as this, ensuring that the charger has a big enough pad to fit multiple devices on there, especially if you have multiple devices that charge wirelessly.

When asking yourself should you buy a wireless phone charger, it is important to ensure that this is within your budget, as some wireless chargers out there can be pricey.

There are multiple things to look for when choosing a wireless phone charger, but the most important is to ensure that your phone is compatible with wireless charging.

As some devices may look like they are, but really they are not, for example, the OnePlus 7 Pro.

You should also check to see if the wireless phone charger comes with a power adapter, as if you are expected to provide your own you will need to ensure your mains can provide the wattage needed to charge at full power.

One thing we find when buying wireless phone chargers is that often the ridiculously cheap chargers are too good to be true, they usually don’t charge fast enough or have a flimsy, breakable design.


So should you buy a wireless phone charger?

Well for us personally this is an obvious buy; the charger offers exceptional convenience that you simply don’t get from a wire.

The pad allows you to charge multiple devices if you need to, so you can charge your smartwatch, and headphones at the same time.

Thanks to the big mobile phone providers upping their game, the speed in which the chargers power up your phone is increasing year on year.

If you are someone who has recently purchased a flagship phone, or are looking to, then a wireless charger is a great option as it gives you a much better and more complete experience of using your new phone.

So should you buy a wireless phone charger? Well, we believe yes, almost in 2020 the number of new phones coming out which are compatible is increasing rapidly.

For the amount of money that they cost, the convenience aspect of the charger is well worth it for us, there are no wires and they are able to charge your phone very quickly.

We love that they come in multiple designs, and allow you to charge more than one device if needed.

This is great if you own a combination of smart devices, for example, the iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Airpods.

You are able to charge all three of these devices at the same time, effortlessly and easily.

We hope we have helped in answering should you buy a wireless phone charger?

Feel free to check out some of our other articles which may be of use to you.

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