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Sonos One Review: Overview & Price

In this Sonos One review, we go over everything you need to know about this smart speaker, from sound quality to performance and much more.

We even showcase the best Sonos One deals right here in the UK, ensuring that you get the best price for the speaker.

To buy the Sonos One speaker it is £199 here in the UK, the Sonos One speaker offers multi-room audio as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

The Sonos One was released back in October 24th of 2017 and combines excellent sound quality with a neat design and fair price.

The speaker runs from Amazon Alexa primarily, meaning it can be used to purchase essentials from the online giant, as well as get the party started on the weekend.

We feel that the only speaker that comes close to the Sonos One is the Apple HomePod, however, the HomePod does cost a lot more.

The reason for this is because of its multi-room ecosystem that the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home don’t yet have.

Let take a closer look at what the Sonos One has to offer…

Sonos One Review: Design

One of the first things you will notice about the Sonos One design is that it is a slightly tweaked version of the existing Sonos Play.

One of the main differences is that on the top of the speaker you will find a touch-sensitive surface that’s is much slicker than the Play 1’s volume, pause and play buttons.

There are no clunky buttons, but instead a smooth pad, swiping right or left allows you to skip forward and backwards of tracks, whilst tapping the centre will play or pause your playing music.

Tapping the right and left halves of the panel will also raise and lower the volume.

Sonos One (Gen 2) - The Powerful Smart Speaker with Alexa Built-In, Black
  • Start and control your music with your voice and Alexa is built right in
  • Combine voice with the Sonos app to easily manage all your streaming services
  • Connect wirelessly to other Sonos speakers to enjoy clear sound in any or every room
  • Enjoy surprisingly rich sound from a compact speaker
  • Second generation Sonos ONE with increased memory and updated processor

These options are basic, however, most of the time you will navigate the speaker through an application on your phone, or voice.

The Sonos One comes in multiple different colours, Black, White, Yellow, Red and Grey.

sonos one design
Image: The Next Web

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the Grey colour of the speaker for just over two weeks, and we loved every minute of it.

The Sonos One weighs in at a light 1.8KG, making it easy to move around and place in different rooms as you please.

We had the speaker in our living room for the most part, which allowed us to listen to the radio and check the news on a morning.

Sonos says that its colour schemes are designed to blend into your interior décor with ease, ensuring that it doesn’t stand out too much and cramp the style of your home.

The Sonos One has six internal microphones that do an exceptional job at picking up your voice, even when there is background noise.

On top of the device, there is also a power-indication LED alongside a small light that lets you know when Alexa is listening.

The second light is linked to the microphones, and with all of the privacy shenanigans lately, Sonos has promised that the Sonos One speaker cannot listen to you unless that light is illuminated.

Around the back of the speaker is an Ethernet socked as well as a button to set the device up.

There is also a power lead that sits flush with the outer body, ensuring that the device will sit flat on a surface without sitting on the power lead.

That’s pretty much it for the Sonos One design; it’s clean with a minimalist design.

There really isn’t a lot going on here, but we like this, as it’s easy to use and does not have any large buttons sticking out anywhere.

Sonos One Review: Performance

Setting up the Sonos One is a little more complicated than the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, with that being said it’s not going to take you long.

Simply download the Sonos and Alexa applications on your mobile, and sign into both of the accounts as well as any music streaming services that you will want to listen to on the speaker.

The Sonos One is, of course, compatible with all of the other pieces of Sonos tech, allowing you to get an exceptional level of sound quality but more on that shortly.

The Sonos One will also prompt you to go through a ‘Trueplay Tuning’ process that involved you walking around your room with your phone.

Your phone will then listen to how the Sonos speaker sounds at different areas of the room, and tunes the sound accordingly.

After this step has been completed, you will then need to assign the speaker to a room in the house; this allows you to identify the speaker from the Sonos app if you have more than one Sonos device set up.

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With the Sonos One being fully sported by Amazon Alexa, you can essentially treat this device exactly how you would an Amazon Echo.

This means you can do everything you can do on the Amazon speaker on your Sonos device, from ordering goods online to getting weather and sports updates.

With this being a speaker, we found ourselves using Alexa to play radio, as well as our playlists on Spotify to get us up on a morning.

The Sonos One is compatible with all of the major streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, TuneIn Radio and Amazon Music.

Don’t worry if you are not an Amazon Alexa user as the Sonos One works seamlessly with Google Assistant too.

sonos one performance
Image: The Next Web

Meaning you can say “Hey-Google” and ask it anything just like you would on a Google Home.

We typically used this the most for traffic updates, playlists and checking the football score on a weekend.

The only missed feature here is the free calls to mobiles and landlines that can be done on Google devices but not Sonos.

One feature we love is that when you say your trigger word, the Sonos One will decrease the volume temporarily so the microphones can pick up your command, this is something that you won’t find on the Google Home Max or Google Home.

Just like you would expect the Sonos One integrates with any other smart tech you have in the home, for example, if you own a Nest thermostat you can say “Alexa, ask Hive to set the heating to 22-degrees”.

As well as this if you own the compatible power sockets, you can say “Alexa, put the kettle on” and your Sonos One will trigger the power socket to flick the kettle switch, ideal for those cold mornings.

We love how well the Sonos One integrates with third-party apps, allowing you to set a bunch of routines that can really help you get on with your day.

However, we did find that the device would sometimes misinterpret what we have said, prompting us to rephrase what we said.

Sonos One (Gen 2) - The Powerful Smart Speaker with Alexa Built-In, Black
  • Start and control your music with your voice and Alexa is built right in
  • Combine voice with the Sonos app to easily manage all your streaming services
  • Connect wirelessly to other Sonos speakers to enjoy clear sound in any or every room
  • Enjoy surprisingly rich sound from a compact speaker
  • Second generation Sonos ONE with increased memory and updated processor

We sometimes had to raise our voice for Alexa to pick up what we said, but one way that Sonos combats this is by using other devices as a contact point.

For example, if you have a Sonos device upstairs, and one in your living room.

You can use your living room Sonos device to give commands to the upstairs device, this ensures you don’t need to raise your voice, and if you have multiple Sonos devices it works exceptionally well.

One way of using this to your benefit is by purchasing a cheap Amazon Echo Dot to use upstairs in your kid’s room, this means you can use your Sonos One to speak to the Echo Dot upstairs to tell them tea is ready.

As a whole the Sonos One performance aspect is great, it offers everything that the Amazon Echo offers but also has Google integration too.

We really couldn’t find any fault with the Sonos One in terms of performance, the fact we had to rephrase our voice a couple of times wasn’t ideal but certainly isn’t a deal-breaker for us.

Sonos One Review: Sound Quality

So how does the Sonos One sound?

Well, it’s pretty damn great! Music sounds exceptionally clear whilst the bass is strong, whether it is drum and bass or some classic music we really found it hard to pick faults with the Sonos One sound quality.

We love that the device can also be paired with any other Bluetooth speaker, which means you can make your home a real party house if you have a couple of Bluetooth speakers kicking around.

The sound is directional, this is because the speakers in the device are facing forward, so for the best sound quality out of the Sonos One we would try to have it facing open space and have its back against the wall.

The speaker has a natural and balanced sound profile, with volume sounds able to go ridiculously high.

sonos one performance
Image: Edition

We found even when the speaker is at max volumes the sound never distorts which is fantastic for such a compact speaker.

The Sonos One easily beats the Amazon Echo and Google Home as a speaker, it even compares to the Apple HomePod.

Throughout this Sonos One review, we found the sound quality to be the most impressive aspect of this speaker.

We really do believe that this is the best smart speaker money can buy in 2019, that is if you are looking for sound quality.

Sonos One Review: Summary

So should you buy the Sonos One speaker?

Well if you are looking for a speaker that has a clean and simple design with incredible sound quality then yes.

The Sonos One has the best of both, with Alexa and Google Assistant integration, so makes a great addition to your smart home.

We love the shire amount of features the Sonos One has, and at a fair price too.

Sonos One (Gen 2) - The Powerful Smart Speaker with Alexa Built-In, Black 

The Sonos One beats the Apple HomePod and Google Home Max on price and can even be compared to them when it comes to sound quality.

This speaker is compatible with lots of other smart tech, allowing you to take control of your heating, electrics and help manage daily tasks from your calendar to keeping up to date on traffic for your journey home.

We think that if you are looking for a smart speaker, then the Sonos One is definitely the way to go, it is fairly priced and loaded full of great features, and the Sonos One sound quality is unmatched for the price point.

We hope you have enjoyed our Sonos One review, feel free to leave a comment and give us some feedback.

You can also check out the best place to buy the Sonos One speaker at the top of this post.

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