The 5 Best and Most secure Linux Smartphones for 2021

Linux Smartphones

Privacy and smart devices now go hand in hand and this means that when the time comes to consider a new device, we should think about how it protects us online. Fortunately, Linux has a reputation of offering an excellent level of security and these phones should offer you the security you need this year.

The F(x)Tec Pro 1

Having been recently reviewed by Linus on Short Circuit, This new release comes with either Android-based Lineage OS or Linux based Ubuntu Touch. However, it does come with a high-end specification which makes it appealing to those who prefer their phones to be all-singing and dancing. However, given the OS that this phone runs on, there is no doubt that this will be one of the most attractively secure phones on the market.

The Librem 5

The Librem 5 comes with the PureOS installed and all of the usual smartphone functionality and features you’d expect. When it comes to security, it has an independent modem card as well as WiFi and Bluetooth module. Furthermore, you can disconnect each one manually using the physical buttons, it also has a nifty feature to deactivate calls and the microphone through one of the physical buttons, ensuring you remain invisible.

The Fairphone 3

Fairphone 3 is considered one of the most secure Linux phones but it just falls into second place. It uses Android 9 which has been customised and renamed the Fairphone OS. It comes with a reliable and long-lasting battery as well as a fingerprint sensor for added security. It does have it’s minor flaws, which sees it down on our list.

The Pinephone

This is an affordable Linux smartphone that promises to give the user complete control over how they use it. It comes with Postmarket OS as default although the spec isn’t as high as other phones, it’s the security that becomes the main focus here. Therefore, you’ll find all of the standard features that come with smartphones yet this comes with a killswitch to shut down connectivity and that includes your camera and microphone too.

Volla Phone

Volla Phone image
The Volla Phone Launch

Volla has the motto – “Free Your Mind. Protect Your Privacy”, so you can expect a phone that is as secure as they come. This comes from a new start-up company that started the project in February 2020 but they have not fallen short when it comes to specifications. Furthermore, this also offers users the chance to use the two pre-installed OS and there is no need to use a Google account to use them. To aid security, they have also added a VPN service and solution to help with anonymity.

Finney Blockchain Smartphone

This is a unique phone that has been designed purely for secure cryptocurrency transactions. It is a very useful device too, thanks to the specification but security is where it is at here. It uses both Android and Sirin OS to aid security and users can benefit from encrypted P2P calls, SMS and emails. There is also a cold storage screen that ensures connections are more secure too.

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