What we know about Android 12

Android 12 Release Date

A full launch may not be imminent but it can be said that Android 12 is certainly on the horizon. Snip-bits have been released as teasers through various channels, some on purpose and others not so much. However questionable their original validity is, we have pieced together everything that we know so far that is Android 12 related.

Potential Release Date

Whilst it is hard to pinpoint an exact date without fluking a completely random guess, it is safe to assume that the Autumn will be the time scheduled for the Android 12 launch. Based on the fact that limited handsets had developer previews released back in February and this was followed up in May with a public beta including increased stability levels, and an announcement that Android expects to reach platform stability on Beta 4 in August this year.

If you follow tech trends and consumer buying patterns then a logical estimation would be to tie in the Android 12 launch with the range of new pixel phones that are unveiled each Autumn ready for Christmas shopping. A betting man would put a lump sum on September or October 2021 at the latest for a release date. With significant improvement in Google communications regarding timelines and fixed dates, the scheduled August unveiling of advanced public beta relations will provide a clearer picture and more accurate overview for Android users.

Android 12

Compatible Devices

The normal procedure would be for any premium models or Android Flagship versions to be able to function with the full update. In all likelihood, the same can be assumed for any phone models released in the last year. There will be no guarantees of older phones being compatible as that weighs heavily on promises made by the relative manufacturers in terms of device support. 

Production contracts will dictate who gets the update and how quickly it is distributed amongst that manufacturer’s device models. As an example, Samsung has previously committed to 3-years’ worth of Android support so although they will typically take their time and drag it out, phones such as the foldable models and both the Galaxy A and Galaxy S versions will receive the full  Android 12 revision with no questions asked. As for the rest, some have been confirmed and the rest is speculation but here is the list we have so far; 

List of Devices

Confirmed in Developers Preview (February 2021); 

  • Pixel 5
  • Any Pixel 4 Model (including 4a)
  • Any Pixel 3 Model (including 3a) 

Confirmed in Public Beta (May 2021); 

  • OnePlus 9 
  • OnePlus 9 Pro
  • Asus Zenfone 8
  • Oppo Find X3 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 11/11i/11 
  • Ultra/11X Pro
  • Available handsets from manufacturers such as Realme, Sharp, Tecno, TCL, Vivo, and ZTE are also included.

Additional Features

The feature-rich revision includes some exciting new tech that will enhance the usability and functionality of each Android phone. Examples of this include; 

  • Aesthetics (named ‘Material You’) user control of how apps feel and their appearance
  • The intuitive and playful pull-down notification shade
  • New Privacy Dashboard
  • Enhanced accessibility features 
  • Google Play-orientated updates for Android operating systems
  • Improved media-coding support

Check back to devicedictionary.com in the coming weeks, for more updates as we get it in regards to Android 12.

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