What we know so far about The Amazing Apple iPhone 13

An image of the rumoured iphone 13

What’s so great about the iPhone 13? – Well, why fix what isn’t broken? After the unanimous success of the Apple iPhone 12, they would be forgiven for resting on their laurels and taking a breather after all the chaos of the last year. After all, the 12 had a beautiful design, delivered an excellent performance with sheer consistency of 5G Speeds and pristine pictures from high-pixel camera work. Do we need more? Of course we do, and we cannot wait either! Here is what we have learnt so far about the imminent launch of the Apple iPhone 13; 

Potential Release Date

If 2020 taught us anything, it would be to expect the unexpected. The 12 was delayed from September 2020 to October with selected handsets released in November due to the pandemic and its inevitable knock-on effects. All being equal and with no further global catastrophes, it is safe to anticipate that Apple will revert back to their usual launch in September to optimise the autumn buying period ahead of the Christmas festivities.

iPhone 13 image
An Image of the iPhone 13


After debuting the iPhone 12 purple edition, rumours have been circulating about a potential colour experiment with the 13. The current favourite amongst leakers indicates that there will be a pink version of the iPhone 13 but we have no information if this will be a standard or pro model as yet. That aside, we can expect Apple to persist with their usual format of using a design base for 3-4 years before an overhaul in appearance. It is likely that there will be small modifications such as a 6 to a 6-S rather than a device transformation of any kind. However, it has been confirmed that the 13 (7.70mm) will be thicker than the 12 (7.44mm).


The hardest element to predict is always the cost as it will ultimately come down to if features have been cut or added to the overall package and what lines of income Apple need to hit. Users will be hoping for a repeat of or something at least in the same ballpark as the iPhone 12 which represented good value and fair pricing. To give you a flavour of that price range without knowing how many models the iPhone 13 will have, the 12 was priced as follows; 


The 12 included full OLED screens and HD resolution as indicated but the much-speculated attributes of the always-on feature and a smooth 120Hz ProMotion screen did not come to fruition. These rumours of being added in are once again circulating and users are hopeful that this dream becomes reality during this revision of the iPhone. 


Apple makes the fastest smartphone chips and now regularly blows away its rival competitors in this department. Therefore expect the iPhone 13 to be packed full of power and to further alienate the competition as inferior in comparison. It remains to be seen if Apple decides to reduce the package and not provide a Mag-charge device with the phone, instead using it as a must-buy essential extra add-on for new customers. 

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