What we know about the New iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

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As we approach the scheduled release of the public beta for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 in July, many inquisitive juices are flowing amongst the public. With a huge audience keen to understand what will change, what is new and what will either be improved or discarded in the latest Apple revision, anticipation levels are at their peak. We decided to piece together all the rumours and leaks that have been established so far to form a guide to what we can expect from iOS 15 come the Autumn.

Maps Evolution

The user will be able to negotiate complex intersections with ease as the roads ahead are brought to life by 3D imaging as part of the evolution of iOS maps. The enhanced turn-by-turn navigation elements will provide the traveller road details that are precise and intricate alongside pop-up images of notable places and landmarks on the journey.

Health App Advancement

There is a new ‘Trends’ screen that shows you patterns and recent activity so you can identify and act on any changes that occur. iOS 15 includes a ‘Walking Steadiness’ feature where the way you walk is analysed and prolonged stability is predicted. There is also advanced security for your health data whereby you are in control of the audience in which you share your results with. 

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Live Text

iOS 15 will allow the user to copy and paste any number from an image, video or even from the livestream without taking a still. The improved functionality will make documents, texts and email communication easier and goes with a prompt to call the number once highlighted.

Improved Facetime

It seems Apple has taken on board the levels of communication everyone experienced during the pandemic and responded accordingly to the ‘zoom’ phenomenon. The revised facetime call will now include the ability to invite others via weblink and incorporate Windows and Android users on the same call. In addition to this there will be background music and images options on the call, last speaker highlight and improved visual grid for group calls for users on iOS 15.


Continuing with the facetime enhancements, comes a brand new feature called Shareplay. Here you will be able to share your screen with others whilst watching videos and playing music, It includes the ability to host watch parties and have remote viewing with your friends. At present Shareplay is compatible with all Apple media formats as you would expect and by the time of the launch, negotiations with third-party apps like Disney+, HBO Max, and Twitch will have been finalised and hopefully included too. 


The ‘+’ indicates that there will be a premium security option with enhanced safety mechanism. Our understanding is that the basic iOS15 privacy will still produce user privacy reports on app usage and restrictions, optimising Siri requests and email protection. The premium iCloud+ is a plan that is similar to iCloud Private Relay and will create random email addresses rather than send yourself out to third party requests. This service will also encrypt any traffic that leaves your device.

Notification Upgrade

Perhaps the most obvious changes will occur here with larger bubbles appearing on the lock-screen and the ability to timer-block notifications across all formats. Auto-responses can be sent to anyone trying to reach you for a set time during ‘Focus Mode’. 

Overall we are excited to see what iOS 15 brings, the launch of it is due sometime in Autumn, around Mid October, and we like many others cannot wait.

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